Thursday, March 26, 2009

Texas Size Rainstorm

The past few days they have been saying we were going to get a big rainstorm. It finally came this afternoon complete with lightening and thunder. Just glad is wasn't the bad hailstorm they had in Austin yesterday or the snow they are getting in Colorado. Makenzie was bummed because they cancelled yet another track meet. Why does it only rain on track meet days?

Backyard underwater. You can see all the dog toys and stuff the Sammie has chewed up on the yard or under the water.

View from the upstairs of our house.

Rain is falling all around. And the girls being silly.

Sammie thinks she needs to come in the house. Not because of the rain though, she actually likes to play in the rain. What a silly dog. It's a good thing we like her so much because she is chewing up everything in the backyard, lawn chairs, patio chairs, sprinklers, pool mats, you name it she chews it!

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Kristina and Tyson said...

This Texas weather is just crazy! But to be honest...I love it! It is cool! Sammie looks like such a fun dog! I still can't believe we haven't been down there yet! We are excited for next saturday though!