Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Macho Man Volleyball

All the schools in our district have this thing called Macho Man Volleyball. It is made up of Senior guys and some of the varsity girl volleyball players coach. They play two other school, one away and one at home. Kids at school can pay $1 to get out of their last class to come watch and the money goes to Project Grad ( a school sponsored party for seniors after graduation). Matthew had his away game Tuesday and will have his home game Thursday. Yes, they won!! This is the first team from our school to win. The Vice Principal over the Senior Class was very excited. Here are a few pictures. I also was having fun playing with photoshop.

Matthew is standing just to the left of the Mascot

Laughing while warming up


Spiking... Actually they call it "Hitting" now

Another hit

Warming the bench...but not for long

Yay!!!! We won! Matthew is on the top left

Matthew top left again

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