Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hard Work Paying Off

Dale promised Brittney a new car if she got a scholarship...
Dad delivered!!


Grandpa kind of relaxing, he kept throwing the ball to Sammie

Grandma checking facebook

Dale proud of his Batman towel

Grandpa likes the Sponge Bob towel

Grease Monkey or Zebra Dog??

Peach had a run in with Dale's sister Kae's bikes, her bikes were well greased, at least they were when they
were when they got to our house. Peach is losing her eyesight so she didn't see the bikes.

Cute Cousins

Emily, Brittney, Erica and Makenzie

Ironman Funnies

People wrote messages to the runner with sidewalk chalk.
This isn't particularly funny, but what was written right after it was...... 

Only funny if you follow the Office

Yes, he was a participant

Cape Man
 There were many entertaining participants to look at, just didn't think to take pictures of them all. I missed the guy with the white biker shorts with the sponge on his privates, Makenzie and Erica found it quite hilarious!  Just so you know there were a lot of people with the wet sponges on their shoulders, back, caps, etc...  but only one with it on their privates that we saw.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Saturday, May 21st Dale's sister Kae did the Houston Ironman in The Woodlands, Texas. The Ironman consist of a 2.4 mile swim, then on to a 112 mile bike and last but not least a full marathon run, yes, that is 26.2 miles. It was 90 degrees and humid. I was impressed by all those who were participating, but especially Kae. It was fun to be able to watch her run. We weren't able to see her swim or bike, but I guess it's hard to see them anyways. I did want to get a picture of her at the transition area between the bike and the run, but got there too late. I wish I had taken a picture of the transition area, but when I thought about it there was a person that had collapsed that they were attending to and that wouldn't be cool to take a picture of that.
Way to go Kae!!!!
Kae, Andy and Emily also spent Sunday with us, so we did get to visit for a short period of time before they headed back to Colorado.   
The Kae Fan Club
Her parents, Wayne and Kathy Smith and her cousins, Erica and Makenzie 

Dale was tracking her on his iPad

Her daughter Emily also tracking her on the iPad

Kae's husband Andy

Our first Kae sighting

Second lap of 3 and she is smiling

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silly Boys...Football is for Girls

Brittney paticipated in Powder Puff football. She mostly played defense, but got to play offense for a few plays and even got to run the ball. It is rough out there. They should give these girls pads!
Team Blastoise

Brittney  #68

Brittney and KC Nlemchi  remember that name!

Pep talk from the coach

Get that flag

Turf burn...OUCH

Another flag pulled by Brittney

High Five from the coach for keeping the other team from getting a first down

And another flag....Yes, she pulled many!

Getting instruction from KC while her friend who tore her ACL during the game watches on

Running with the ball

Still running

And they finally caught her

Long Time No See

A lot of you may not know that my Dad is an only child and my mom only had one sister named Alice. Alice only had 2 children so I only have 2 cousins and right now I only have one living cousin named Sandy. I haven't seen Sandy for 25 years, but yesterday I got to spend the day with her. Her husband was in Houston on business so we were able to get together and we had lunch with her husband and then he went to work and she spent the rest of the day with me and my family. It was exciting to catch up and I hope we don't lose contact for that long ever again.

Sandy and I in June of 1986

Sandy and I May of 2011

Makenzie, Sandy, Marti and Brittney

Service Pays Off

Brittney received a Service Scholarship from the National Honor Society.
They gave out 5 scholarships, 1 Leadership a 4 Service. 
Brittney was thrilled that someone finally wanted to give her money. She had applied for other scholarships but some of it was based on financial need, which she doesn't qualify. Since her hard work and grades didn't pay off, at least with money, her service did.
Congratulations Brittney! We are proud of you!  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Senior Prom 2011

 Brittney's Senior Prom 

Brittney and Nathan in their group prom t-shirts

Front of the shirt and let me explain or try to.
All the kids in this group are at the top of their class so this is their form of rebellion, trying to push the limits with their
  t-shirts  This is a beer pong reference, although it could be taken differently. It uses physics equations showing how to get the ball in the cup, their physics teacher loved it! Only 1 kid out of 20 got dress coded. 

Back of the shirt

Brittney's hair.
We were sad that we didn't live closer to her cousins who could have done this for her, but a friend of ours did it for her, in fact our friend is the wife of Dale's first missionary companion in Germany

The shoes...that only made it through pictures and then she wore flats to the dance

Our beautiful daughter, inside and out

Brittney excited that she was taller than Makenzie

Wrist corsage

Acting like she is pinning on the boutonniere, I actually did it 

The whole group

All the girls in her group

Some random girls running around. My guess is they were trying to see how many people would take a picture with them, but I don't know that for sure.

My dining room after the dance. Dale and I went down to the hotel and collected all the tuxes and dresses before they headed down to Galveston. One of the girl's parents in their group has a beach house there so they went there for the after party and spent the day on the beach Sunday. As tired as I was Sunday I'm sure I'm wasn't as tired of the chaperone's at the beach house. The parents came by and picked up their tuxes so they could be returned on time and the girls really didn't want to take their dressed down there either. 

All the beautiful dresses hanging in my dining room