Monday, August 31, 2009

Primary Funny

As most of you know I play the piano in Primary. The piano is by a class of kids that turned or will turn 5 this year. On girl in particular has a hard time going to Primary. The teacher situation has been inconsistent and she doesn't like it. Yesterday we were also in the RS room since the air conditioner has been out in the Primary room for weeks, this was really throwing this little girl off. The teacher was trying to keep her on her lap and struggling. The little girls said, "Let me go or I will fart on you." I just had to hide behind the piano and laugh. hehehe
Luckily there is a new teacher that will be consistent now, good for the little girl, bad for me because I love her comments. She used to sit with me on the piano bench to keep her in Primary, but needs to stay with her class now that she has a teacher.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Football...It's Back

I'm so excited that football season is here. I love football! We started off by going to the high school game on Friday night. This was bitter sweet. When the team ran out on the field I actually shed a few tears because Matthew wasn't out there. Brittney just looked at me and said, "Really Mom." I do miss having him out there! And no, Brittney doesn't sit by us, she was just waiting for her friend to finish sing the National Anthem so she could hang out with her. She usually only shows up if she wants money for the concession stand. The high school team won, so that was good.
Saturday, was Jacob's season opener. It was so fun to see him playing again. Lat year he suffered a collarbone separation right before the season started and missed the first few games. When he came back he wasn't full force because the injury was still quite sore. He is back now! Their team won 13-7. Jacob ran for one of the touchdowns. He played running back, quarterback and safety. He had lots of rushing yards. It's good to have him back!!

Jacob getting instructions from the coach. Jacob is on the left, #49

The cute butt shot

Running, his specialty

As QB, getting the play from the coach


Another good run

Diving for yardage as he's being tackled

In as QB

Clapping for the win!

My favorite guys!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Didn't Your Mama Teach You Any Table Manners?

The other night at dinner we got to playing with the grapes. We were trying to stick them in our upper lip. Brittney was they only one having success. The rest of us kept shooting grapes out of our mouths, except for Makenzie, because of her braces and Dale, because he was disgusted with us.

Losing a few grapes Jacob?

I had to go for the bottom lip

Brittney trying to play Zip-Bong( a game from girls camp) with the grapes in her mouth.
We may not have manners, but we have a fun time at dinner!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dog on a Boat

Yesterday, we got Sammie to get in a boat in the pool. Tried to get Peach in one, but she would have nothing to do with it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Sorry, the music wouldn't download. I only spent half of yesterday trying to get it to download.

Happy Anniversary Dale!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

We had another successful Girls Camp this year. This year I was the Ward Camp Director, so I got to see more of Makenzie. Last year I was over the older girls so I saw Brittney more. Brittney left on Monday and Makenzie and I left on Tuesday, which was nice because it gave me Monday to shop for all the food for our group. It was extremely hot this year. It was 103 on Tuesday and in the upper 90's the rest of the week. Brittney said it was 101 on Friday, luckily her group was wake boarding. Makenzie and I spent a fair amount of the afternoon in the pool. I'm tired and full of chiggers bites, but had a great time! Makenzie and I in front of the loaded Suburban
Brittney greeted us in her "camp attire"

It's just me Brittney, not a creeper

Me with my girls

Makenzie and Brittney at fire building class. Brittney actually helped teach the classroom part of it.

This is where Makenzie stayed.

This is where I stayed and no they are not air conditioned

In our matching shirts

Makenzie at soap carving

Makenzie at archery

This was my first time doing this and I was about a half an inch away from getting a bulls eye. I thought I did until I got closer
Makenzie actually got a bulls eye. The only one that day

I found the name on the back humorous. I told Pam about it and she said she knows and that no one ever gets it. Even funnier, her daughter-in-law was there and her shirt said N. Moore. I tried to get them to put them back on so it would say, P. Moore N Moore, but they said they were too sweaty to put back on.

Makenzie and two others ready for skit night. Don't you love their Princess gowns mad from sheets and duct tape?

Makenzie in our Gorilla costume. It was way to hot to scare people with it this year :(

Makenzie in the seahorse relay

Ann was my roommate this year

Most of my at dinner the last night

Brittney and her friend Chantel

Our Ward
Brittney designed the camp shirt for her 5th year project

Me with part of the Gorilla costume on

Makenzie and me

Makenzie mopping one of the certification classrooms

Makenzie when we got home

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Kae

Happy Birthday to Dale's sister, Kae. Kae not only has a birthday to celebrate but she is getting married Saturday. Congratulation to her and Andy!!!
Kae is super talented. She is and Artist, an Archaeologist and a tri-athlete. Last year she did an Iron Man Triathlon in 90+ temps in Arizona. What dedication she has! I wish I had half her talent. She is a great mom to her daughter Emily. I love Kae when she laughs. She has the sweetest giggle to her laugh.
Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your marriage to Andy!

Kae, with her daughter Emily and Matthew when he was about 10 months old
Kae and Emily outside of her parents house in Utah

Kae and Emily

Our family with Kae's family
June 2008

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bring on Girls Camp

Ok, I've gathered most of the equipment I will need for girls camp(with the help of Dale), finished making all the girls shirts(with the help of Makenzie), got all of our individual supplies, made all the journals and knick knacks for the girls, finished our Ward Banner(hope they don't do that again),started packing(knee length shorts only and my one-piece), and bought all the food except for 2 items I must return to the store for. While in the check out line at Sam's Club this morning(sorry Tami), there was another ward camp director in the check out next to me. All the items in my cart were for girls camp except my diet coke and a big bag of dog food. The other camp director looked at the dog food and said, well that is easy, just feed them dog food. If only I could!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Yes! Football Season is here. Jacob had his first practice yesterday. They went full pads in all this heat. When practice started the car thermometer read 98. It started off warm, but about 30 minutes into practice there was a little cloud cover and a breeze. The car only read 90 when we left. I think he had fun since they didn't work them as hard as he thought they would, but I'm sure that will change.

Before we left for practice, modeling his football clothing
Running the 40


My favorite coach. I love this guy!!!!


Blocking. Jacob is on the left.

Jacob being tackled
No comment on the hand placement

Yes, he got to touch the football

Jumping Jacob