Monday, April 28, 2014

Jacob's NHS Induction

Jacob was inducted into the National Honor Society. 

Jacob giving Drake Allen a fist bump

Jacob getting a hug from Mrs.Smalley

And that completes all the Smith kids being inducted into NHS!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Makenzie's 18th Birthday

We had already celebrated Makenzie's birthday at Taste of Texas the week before, but after church we hurried home, ate, and sang Happy Birthday to Makenzie before we had to leave to go to a Fireside.
Anyways, Happy 18th Makenzie!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Makenzie made it to Regionals in both Shot put and discus. Shot put was on Friday the 25th and discus was on Saturday the 26th.
Shot Put:
Makenzie went in ranked 6th but came out in 8th, that;s really where she was ranked if they went off PR's, but the went off everyone's area throws. She threw 39' 1.5".
Makenzie just chillin' before the meet

Getting instructions from her coaches

The 8 finalist getting instructions

The after meet selfie
The front of the track t-shirt

Makenzie's name on the back of the shirt

Truck shopping after the meet
 Day Two, Discus:
Discus was a little disappointing for Makenzie, she went in ranked 9th and came out 9th, but she didn't make the finals since they only take the top 8.She was throwing really well in her warm ups, in fact, we thought she might get a PR or even break the school record, but that didn't happen.  We thought she had made it into the finals, but a girl in the 2nd flight threw one farther than her so it knocked her out of the finals. Makenzie broke down in tears as did Coach Fincher, he just hugged her and tried to console her. This would be the end of her high school throwing days. We were all sad for her, but she had nothing to be ashamed of, she had a fantastic season in track! She did get an email from the throwing coach at BYU and has extended an invitation to tryout for the team when school starts and he gave her the marks she would need to get a scholarship, so that is pretty exciting!

Jacob looking on

Some instruction from Coach Fincher

A nervous dad looking on

That moment when she knew she didn't make it into the finals

Coach Mathis and Makenzie

One last hug from Coach Fincher

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter was pretty relaxed. We went to church, Dale and I had to teach and we came home and had fajita's. I did want to get pictures after to church to which Jacob replied, "Really, just use the pictures from last year." He really doesn't like his picture taken.