Monday, February 25, 2013

"He is your son"

If you know me, you know I hate to be late, so I'm usually really early.

I get this message from Brittney yesterday with a screen shot of her conversation with Matthew.

"He is your son. Stake Conference isn't till 2 with a bunch of YSA (Young Single Adults) who will be late"

Matthew is in the white bubble and Brittney's is in the blue.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Primary kids are cuter than yours

At the end of my Primary lesson yesterday, the kids were drawing pictures of the different stories we had talked about that day. One of the girls had drawn a picture of Jesus that I thought was really good so I wanted to take a picture and before I knew it, all the girls wanted their picture taken, yes, it's a girl thing, because the boys could care less, they were all in the back doing the Gangnam Style dance. I have 5 girls and 6 boys that were there and the boys kept breaking out into the Gangnam dance during the lesson, after about the 4th time, I told them they could do it after the lesson and the next one to start dancing before then was going to their parents, it worked they held off until after the lesson and the fact that I put the snacks I brought for them outside the door kind of caught their attention also. You've got to love 11 six year olds!

Here is the Church...Here is the Steeple

When I park my car at church I looked up to see a blooming tree against a blue sky with the Church's Steeple in the background. Yay for phones that take pictures! You've got to love Houston in February!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

First Track Meet

Makenzie had her first Track Meet of the season coming off of basketball season. She participated in the Will Taylor Relays held at Memorial High School in Houston. She had to be at the school at 6am for an 8:30 am track meet and the school was maybe 25 minutes away.  They didn't leave until 6:45 and they were still the first school there. Makenzie did well for her first meet with only a few days of practice. She placed 6th in the discus with a throw of 91'8". She placed 3rd in the shot put with a throw of 34'2". These aren't her best throws, but not too bad for what little practice she had. She now has her starting points and can improve from there. Way to start off your season, Makenzie!

First school there and they are all bundled up because it was only 40 degrees outside

Checking in at discus and getting instructions

Her legs and ankles are banged up from basketball.
She still gets swelling in her shin from an old soccer injury and
her ankle is still not 100% from when she sprained it in basketball.

Getting ready for Shot Put

It was a sunny, but cool day

Getting instruction for Shot Put

Dale and Jacob ready to cheer Makenzie on



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rainy Temple Days

Dale and I caught a late afternoon session at the temple. The tulips were in full bloom. When we got out it was getting dark and starting to rain, but still had to try to get a picture with my phone.

Electric House

All three of the older kids have had to make an electric house for their Pre AP Physics class. This house has to have three different circuits that turn on lights and have a buzzer. My kids houses have evolved through out the years. Jacob better start planning to top Makenzie's house. He will at least have a head start with all the circuits and the switches.

These two ar from Matthew's house and to his defense, some of the furnishing were removed

These three were from Brittney's house.
She used the circuits from Matthew's house

The first floor of Makenzie's house in the works

Makenzie's group

Tangled theme. Notice the long curly blonde hair

The witchy mom

The prince isgoingto ring the door bell

Makenzie used the same circuits as the other kids and borrowed the "turn back" sign from Matthew's house 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Look who is 15

Jacob is now 15, yes my baby. He can now get a driver's permit (after he takes the class and passes the test). It's crazy that he is that old now.

Three months old/15 years old

After Makenzie's game we went to Chili's so Jacob could get his birthday molten lava cake

Friday, February 15, 2013

On to Track

Makenzie was pulled up to Varsity Basketball for the playoffs. They lost in the second round, so Makenzie will be headed off to track. I missed getting pics of the introduction in the first playoff game because I was at Jacob's game and didn't make it over to Makenzie's game until half time. The coach doesn't play the girls she pulls up anyways, so her only moment is during introductions. Here she is in the last game.

Warming up

Getting ready for the National Anthem

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

End of the Season

Jacob's basketball season has come to a close. Their team took 2nd place in Districts. Here are some pics from his last game. Jacob got a lot of playing time this season, there were some games he never came out and a few games at the end that he came out twice, but for no more than a minute, just to give him a breather.

The team

Hitting the first 3 points of the game

He makes the shot and is fouled

The and-one

Jacob next to the two tallest people on the court

Playing some defense