Monday, December 31, 2012

Jacob's Fan Club

Jacob had a game today and Makenzie didn't so we could all go watch him play.
They won and Jacob had 17 points!

Jacob is the Team Captain

Me and Dale with our creeper smiles

Me with a normal smile but Dale is not smiling

Thursday, December 27, 2012

We will miss you Peach

On December 27th we had to say good-bye to our dog Peach. She has been blind for almost a year now and she had bad arthritis in her back hips and a growth on her. She was doing OK until the 26th. When we were headed to the zoo we couldn't get her to get up and go into the garage where it was warm. Jacob tucked a blanket around her and we went to the zoo. She was up at the gate when we got home. The next day she could hardly move and she could hardly eat and was wheasing. She went down hill that day. We had a vet come to the house that night and had her put out of her misery. Not really how we wanted to spend our Christmas vacation, but she needed to be in peace. I'm sure she is running around with Bubbles now and probably getting into trouble. We will miss you Peach! You were the sweetest and most gentle dog.

We got Peach when she was 5 months old so she was pretty big. Brittney, Makenzie and Jacob went with me when we got her. We had Peach in the back of the Suburban and she jumped over the seat and it scared Jacob and Makenzie and Jacob kept saying, "Take her back, take her back". We are so glad we kept her and I know Jacob is really glad we kept her.

The day we got Peach in June 2003

Peach. She got her name from the starfish in the movie Finding Nemo
Peach and Bubbles

Sammie sleeping next to Peach

Peach checking out her new friend Sammie

Christmas 2009
May 2010
June 2010
Getting loves from Alissa at Matthew's mission farewell
July 2012
Welcoming Matthew home from his mission
Getting her Christmas T-bone 2012
Jacob tucking a blanket around Peach
RIP Peach

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mines v BYU

Dale and I just happened to wear our college shirts and jackets on the same day.

Zoo Lights

Since they closed Zoo Lights on Christmas Night we used our tickets the next night. I was a bit disappointed, most of the animals were off limits or asleep and the lights weren't all that great and there was some guys singing some weird Turtle song that I'm pretty sure he was making it up as he went along. I thought there was suppose to be carolers, not a guy making up a turtle song. We made the best of it and went to eat at Chipotle afterwards.

We found Nemo

And Dori

The Lion through the glass and no lights

The bears sleeping

The only elephant we saw

Santa's helpers

A trip to the Gift Shop plus it was warm inside
They might want to rethink the packaging of these animals

The giraffes