Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving minus the food

We started our Thanksgiving morning out by the girls and I running the Turkey Dash (5K). It was 78 degrees and about 90% humidity during the race. It was muggy!!!Dale came and took a few pictures of us during the race and then headed to the Jr High for the Turkey Bowl, which he and Jacob played in. After running and football we cleaned up and I made dinner and we ate. That night a cold front blew through so Dale built a fire outside and the kids roasted marshmallows and had s'mores instead of pumpkin pie.
The girls and I before the race 
This is just after mile 2 so I'm almost done

Brittney after mile 2


Brittney crossing the finish line. I had the camera so no pics of me finishing.
I guess I could have tried to take one of myself. 
 Makenzie finishing strong

My friend Liz and I

Jacob as the QB. It was the Young Men vs Old Dudes from the ward

Shawn was after Jacob all morning! He finally caught him once and was pretty excited!

Dale went to play with the Young Men, they needed his help!

My guys...minus Matthew
What a stud!!!

Dale's awesome catch!

After a morning of sports


Can you guess who Jacob was cheering for??

Sammie giving Brittney a kiss

Peach giving Makenzie loves

Yummy S'mores !!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too Much Basketball...Maybe?

 Not only did Makenzie have a Tournament last weekend, she also had games on Monday and Tuesday.
On Monday she played the whole game except the 3rd quarter,
Tuesday she played the entire game. The picture below is from half time on  Tuesday.
They all look pretty wiped out, especially Makenzie! 
During the Varsity game I couldn't find Makenzie. I thought maybe she was in the gym behind the bleachers shooting around.
Nope, sound asleep on the bleachers, even with everyone running around right by her.
She was one tired girl! Oh, and they won both games!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tournament Champions

Makenzie's Basketball team had a tournament this past weekend.
They won the tournament which was a big deal.
Her team only started with 8 on Friday night. We lost a player to an ankle injury.
Saturday there was a girl that wasn't there due to a prior commitment, so with her gone and the ankle injury they were down to 6.
In our last game we lost a girl to a head injury and another to an asthma attack so e were down to 4 in the 4th quarter of our Championship game. These ladies were awesome!!! They worked hard and fought hard!! 

Makenzie getting around the big girl
 I will get around you!!
 Just try and stop me!
 You can't hold me back!!!

Makenzie laying down between games

And now we are down to 4 and they still couldn't score on us!!!

The TIRED but happy Champions!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

False Hopes

Yesterday, while making spaghetti for dinner, I sprayed some Cinnamon Sugar Febreeze in the house. The kids got all excited thinking I was making cinnamon rolls, only to find spaghetti. I was told I gave them false hopes. The nice, wonderful mom that I am, surprised them with homemade cinnamon rolls when they got home from Mutual. I'm not as mean as they think I am!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Check Before You Fold

 While folding laundry, I put the basketball practice jersey in Makenzie's pile and then I came across another jersey and looked at it and it was Makenzie's jersey. I looked at the first one to see that it was Jacob's practice jersey, dang it was big! I then came across the shorts and they were about the same size. Glad I caught this, I don't think Jacob wants to show up to practice in a Lady Cougars jersey.

 I was showing this to Dale and he's like those would fit me. They pretty much did. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Busy Season Is Here

Basketball season has begun!!
Makenzie is playing on the Freshman A Team.
Brittney is the manager for the Varsity team.
Jacob also made the 7th grade team, but they haven't had any games yet.
Makenzie's team started the season out with a win! 

Makenzie in warm ups


Shooting a free throw

Smile pretty!

Brittney hard at work keeping stats

I show this so you can see how long her warm up suit is.
I guess they think all basketball players are tall.
She has the pants rolled up and the jacket bottom tucked under or else the jacket would come down to her knees.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Before the Slaughter House

We were all smiles before the game.

Brittney's New Gig

Saturday, Makenzie had basketball scrimmages. we were going to miss them, except for the last one since we were playing our rival high school in football. Since we were getting crushed, Dale and I left at half time. It was a painful football game!
Brittney stayed for the whole game, but came over to watch Makenzie afterwards. There was a shortage of refs, actually all the refs left before they were finished. There were Varsity, JV and Freshman games all going on at the same time. 
Brittney got lucky enough to ref Makenzie's game since she is the Varsity manager. Brittney has never reffed before.
She wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion. She ran past us once and Dale yelled, your horrible ref, to which she responded, "Shut up Dad". She didn't do too bad. Her biggest problem was blowing the whistle loud enough for us to hear.    
Like her ref attire??

She threw the ball up so high, we thought it was never going to come down!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Be Careful What You Say..... could end up on a t-shirt!
A few weeks ago at a Pep Rally the head football coach made the comment,
"To Heck with the red school".
This was referring to our biggest rival in football. It seems that all the teams I cheer against are red (Utah, OU, Nebraska).
The day after the pep rally shirt orders were being taken. Our big game is tomorrow.
The red school is ranked 2nd in Texas we are ranked 5th in Texas. Nationally they are ranked 12th and we are 61.
The odds are against us, but we hope to pull off an upset.
(I seem to like teams with a cougar for a mascot, even if the blue cougars are having a crappy season)