Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Choir

Jacob had his Spring Choir Concert today. These are all 5th graders. It's not mandatory, but most kids do it for the Sea World Trip, which will be this Saturday. They will perform outside of Sea world before they go in. These kids have come to school an hour early twice a week for the whole school year. Actually the concert is tomorrow night, this one was for the kids at school and they were also celebrating Mrs. Rylander's 89th birthday. This is the lady who our school is named after. She was a long time educator in the Katy area. It's pretty neat for the kids to actually know the person that their school is named after. Jacob with some cool moves

Doesn't he look excited? NOT!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Rylander

Here are a few songs that they sang.


I've Been Workin' On the Railroad

The whole student body (1100+) and teachers singing happy birthday.


grandma/mom said...

Way to go Jacob

Melissa said...

Nothing like a sneak preview of the show I am going to see tonight.