Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He Hits the Game Winning Basket at the Buzzer!

Jacob is still in basketball. We are in tournament play this week. His team and Dale's team(he is the coach) placed 4th in regular season. Most of their losses were by 2 or 3 points except for one blowout, at least it felt like a blowout. Last night they played their first tournament game. We jumped out ahead and then in the 2nd quarter the other team jumped way ahead. We came back in the 4th and tied it and at the buzzer Jacob hits a shot that won the game. Good thing because I hate overtime. Here are a few pictures I took. His next game is Thursday, we play the team that blew us out, but we did beat them in a pre-season game that didn't count. I'm not sure if I'll get to his game since Makenzie has Track Meet. Hopefully he wins so I can get some pictures of him playing in the Championship game on Saturday. We will see.

This isn't the winning shot. I was too nervous at that point to take pictures.


grandma/mom said...

You mean you can't be in two places at once on Thurs.? Way to go Jacob. I just love sports and miss not going to as many games believe it or not. Kristen doesn't think it is cool for her parents to come to her intermural games. However she should have had her brothers to the game that the guy took her out from sliding into her from the side.

Marti said...

I told her she should have had one of her brother's take that guy out. Don't you guys know any NFL players? haha. that's too bad about her ankle, I'm sure it's driving her crazy not being able to play sports right now. Maybe Matthew will let you come watch him play intermural sports...not that you don't have enough grandkids to watch or anything!