Thursday, February 24, 2011

She's In

After much anticipation, Brittney got her acceptance into BYU last night at about 10:45 pm. We really never doubted that she would be accepted, but sometimes you never know. She has already told them she would be attending there. Congratulations Brittney and we are so proud of you for working so hard!

23 Feb 2011

Brittney Ann Smith
Katy, TX 77494

Dear Brittney:

Congratulations! You have been admitted to Brigham Young University to begin Fall 2011. Through your preparation and personal achievements you have distinguished yourself from a very strong group of applicants. We believe you will make a positive contribution to our BYU community. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our campus to pursue your educational goals.

To secure your admissions slot, it is essential for you to read the Frequently Asked Questions link below and follow the instructions in Question 1 to accept your admission opportunity. This link will also provide you with important information regarding scholarships, housing, financial aid, your participation in freshman mentoring, etc.

Best wishes as you finish this school year. We trust you to continue to excel in the classroom and to maintain the standards outlined in the University Honor Code. We look forward to having you as a member of our student body.

Warmest regards,

R. Kirk Strong
Director of Admission Services

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday the Pappasito's Way!!

The kids didn't have school yesterday,it was Presidents Day, so I took Jacob and a few friends for lunch as a late birthday meal, Brittney and Makenzie joined us also, and Dale was slaving away at work so we could afford to go to Pappasito's 
Birthday Boy

Colin getting into the song

Austin even got into the song!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

BYU Game...But Mostly Jimmer

On Saturday, the 19th, we made a trek up North to the Dall/Fort Worth area to watch the BYU Men's basketball team play TCU. We really went so we could watch Jimmer, that's Jimmer Fredette. We had a fun time, especially since BYU won. Thanks for not letting us down! I took a ton of pictures at the game, since that is what I like to do.I narrowed it down to 30 for this blog,sorry but Matthew gets to look at my blog so I added pictures I thought he'd like to see.
Jacob and his friend Colin

Brittney making a sign

Makenzie sporting her 32 BYU shirt

In the purple seats, but still had a great view!

Brandon Davies
Jimmer, the one everyone came to see

It's a 3

This is a TCU player in warm ups trying to be Jimmer

We think this guy just disguised himself as security so he could come and watch Jimmer 
Even the ref thinks BYU is #1 

This is the infamous air ball. TCU fans didn't let him forget it either and it made the headlines on ESPN 

Look at the cheerleader with the #30 on her top, she looks stunned to see two black guys on BYU's  team. There are actually 3 on the team.

The kids waiting for the players to get on the bus

Jimmer gives a thumbs up to the crowd. Security wouldn't let him sign autographs. Luckily Jacob has his autograph on his basketball shoes from basketball camp last year and on a piece of paper. The kids did get autographs from a few other players and their picture taken with Anson Windor.

Jimmer low fiving people through the fence

Jimmer getting through the mob. There was actually a sidewalk that had railing on both sides, but still a Mormon Mob!

On the bus with his"Jimmy Lunch"

Girls during the game, obviously my pictures are now out of order, but I don't have the patience to put them in order! 

This is what a bunch of Mormon's in jail would look like.

Jacob before the game getting a picture of Jimmer on his phone

The TCU guy reminding BYU that they went 13-0 in football, which includes beating BYU.
Remember we are in Texas and football rules.
When our boys basketball team loses the crowd shouts the football score out to remind them that we beat them in football. The team that always beats us in football, never beats us in basketball so it all works out for our school. And yes, we remember football scores.

Brittney with her sign. She added her cell phone number to that when the players were getting on the bus. Hopefully no crazies saw it! 

Dale is excited that all his hard earned money he makes from being educated at Colorado School of Mines is being spent on BYU.

There were so many posters, but this was my favorite!!!

"See Jimmer, you're not the only one who can hit three's"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

I went to the restroom during the BYU/TCU basketball game and left my camera with Dale. Dale gave the camera to Jacob and this is one of the many pictures he took, mostly of the same thing. Dale just said he was a healthy male and then told him he didn't zoom in enough. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Jacob is officially a teenager!

 Jacob, that would be the football you picked out!

 Dale is still young at heart!
If this doesn't say teenage boy, I don't know what does!

Big Girl Track

Makenzie had her first High School track meet last night. She has only been in track for 2 days since she was in basketball. She is on the JV team, but with a little work, hopes to be moved up to Varsity. She did really well considering she hasn't really had any practice. She got 1st place in shotput and we don't know if she placed in discus or not since we left before everyone had thrown. She wasn't throwing all that well in discus and them she had a really good throw but it was just barely out of the sector so it was a scratch. If it had been inbounds she would have had the farthest throw up to that point. Her coach told her not to worry, she will get there with more practice. She really did a great job and we are proud of all the effort she puts into what she does! 

The coach giving all the girls gum before they throw

This is the look just after the discus just hit out of bounds :(

Church Doodles

Last night we got into a conversation about things that bug us, it was more silly than serious. Dale mentioned that it bugged him when people used their electronics during church, referring our  kids. The kids shot back by saying he was always on his iPad during church. I then brought up how he was doodling on his iPad during the Adult Session of Stake Conference. I noticed he was practicing writing his alphabet. He said he works on his penmanship when he is bored. He also was drawing pictures and this is one that he sent to me, just to prove he could do that on his iPad and also, just maybe, a little sucking up.

Just for the record, you make me smile too!