Friday, March 27, 2009

Jacob Says Goodbye to Choir and the Choir Shirt

I know I just posted pictures and video of Jacob's concert. I didn't think I would be able to go to the Thursday night performance since Makenzie had a track meet. Due to rain the meet was cancelled and we went as a family, except for Matthew who was working:). It was fun because we sat right in the first row so we could make Jacob laugh. He really hasn't enjoyed choir that much but hung in there for the trip to Sea World with friends. He is mostly excited that he gets to retire the choir shirt, he hates it!!! Sea World here we come!!!

Haha, we made him laugh :)

Don't smile!

Put your hands up!

"All this singing is giving me a headache"

He's going to laugh again. haha

Jacob's friends, Ky and Thomas

Ky, Jacob and Thomas

Makenzie, Jacob and Brittney

Choir Boy and Mom

Dale, Jacob and Marti

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Clark Family said...

Oh Jacob! There's got to be a little Brink in you somewhere! We not only love to sing, but to be in the spotlight! JK. Evan hates it too.