Friday, June 29, 2012

Better Early Than Late.

If you know me, you know I hate being late, so I am usually really early. At dinner last night I asked Dale what time we were leaving for the airport to pick up Matthew, he gets in at 5:10 pm. Dale looked at me and said, "We aren't leaving at noon". I wasn't thinking that early, but I do want to make sure we don't get stuck in a traffic jam and miss Matthew arriving!

Just as a side note, Dale told me he arranged all the missionary plaques on the wall at church by the order they were all coming home, Matthew's was second.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stewarts Cascades

Thursday morning Kristen, Makenzie and I headed up towards Sundance to go Hike to Stewarts Cascades, it is a waterfall. It was a beautiful morning for a hike and beautiful  scenery. The Colorado girl in me came out! I took a ton of pictures. I wish I could post them all. This hike was a lot more fun than hiking the Y, it was longer, but not as steep and much prettier!

Getting ready to hit the trail

Makenzie is ready

Kristen and Makenzie heading up, while I ate all their dust

We are still smiling

A peek at the falls, but not there yet

The decent down to the falls

Pretty butterflies

At teh bottom of the falls

And we are back!!

Makenzie's dirty legs after the hike. Mine were worse, but I washed mine off at the parking lot.

Park City

On Wednesday, Kristen, Carolyn, Makenzie and I hit up the Outlet Mall in Park City. We shopped and shopped and then ate dinner. We had a fun and successful trip.
Makenzie and Kristen wthought they should earn a badge for heping Carolyn across the street

This is what a successful day of shopping looks like

The Jack Mormon... It was tempting

My chicken pizza

Who knew I had a shop in Park City, but they spelled my name wrong

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shaved Ice Again

We picked a good time to go to Utah, not only have we seen family that live here, but some that don't have been here for a short visit. Last night we got to see Yannette, John, Scrunch, Porkchop and got to meet Juju, she is the newest addition to the Traver family. We also got to see Dale's cousin Kevin and his wife Amy, they had just gotten home from a cruise. We met up with them at the shaved ice place, it seems to be the hot spot in Provo. It was fun visiting with them, even if it was for an hour.



Baby Juju

I was sad I didn't get a picture of Kevin and Amy. but there they are in the background of these two crazy girls.

Ezra showing off his bottom teeth

Now there are some hot babes!!