Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break '09

Our family had a "Staycation" for Spring Break, except Matthew who got to spend a few days in San Antonio with a friend and his family. We had beautiful weather this week so I can't complain. We went to the rodeo and had fun at home in the pool and ate out(my favorite). Matthew at the Wax Museum
Matthew and friend Andrew

Matthew with the Wilkes Family at Sea World

They think they are studs.
Matthew at Ripley's Museum

Sammie, because she is cute, but makes a mess in the backyard!!!

Dale cleaning up both the dogs messes so I can mow.
Brittney pulling weeds. I know it is spring break, but sometimes you have to work before you can play!
Brittney and friends enjoying themselves at the Smith Resort.
The water was still a little cool, but the girls didn't mind.
My girls. We were soaking up some sunshine along with Britt's friends.

Thumbs up!

Tanning beauties

Happy Spring Breakers....and they are sober!!!

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grandma/mom said...

Home can be fuan and a great break. carolyn