Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Video of SeaWorld

For a funny video of our trip to SeaWorld, check out the blog Chantel Lauren http://chantellauren6.blogspot.com/ on my list.

Thanks Chantel, it was so cute!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dave is 50 Today. Happy Birthday Dave

Dale's brother, Dave hits the big 50 today. Happy Birthday Dave!! Here Dave is taking my kids boating
At his daughter Ashlee's birthday

Playing kickball with all the kids

Dave with his wife Lori

Dave with his girls and our family

Dave, Dad and Dale outside the LA Temple
My favorite picture of Dave. In California, deep sea fishing.
HAPPY 50th DAVE!!!
WE love you!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day at Sea World

Yesterday Jacob, Brittney, her friend Chantel and myself went to SeaWorld in San Antonio. Jacob had to ride a charter bus with all the 5th graders so he had to be at the school at 6:15 am. The buses left at 6:45. We drove up in our own vehicle. Here is our trip:

There goes one of the buses

We stopped at Buc-ee's for a bathroom and drink break.

Jacob actually looks excited to be in choir. Probably because this was his last concert and he didn't have to wear his choir shirt.

Yay!!! SeaWorld tickets

He won these at the basketball shootout
The dry Splash Down

Jacob and all his prizes. He won the big longhorn in the football throw. He also got a Dallas Cowboys football(the only ones they had). He's not a Dallas fan!!!

Jacob and his prize

Me with Jacob and Brittney

What is a SeaWorld trip without a picture of Shamu
Jacob on the Jumbo Tron. He is on the bottom right. This was taken right before he got splashed, I mean soaked by Shamu.

A little wet!

Chantel, Brittney and Jacob in the Shamu Stadium

We love Shamu

Where in the SeaWorld is Brittney?
Brittney and Chantel were having a blast in the Shamu Store. I was laughing so hard and afraid they were going to kick us out, but no one said a word to them.

Mom: The one to hold all their stuff

On the Rio Loco

Are you guys wet?
Get a Bathroom
We love SeaWorld
All good things must come to an end. Bye-bye SeaWorld

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jacob Says Goodbye to Choir and the Choir Shirt

I know I just posted pictures and video of Jacob's concert. I didn't think I would be able to go to the Thursday night performance since Makenzie had a track meet. Due to rain the meet was cancelled and we went as a family, except for Matthew who was working:). It was fun because we sat right in the first row so we could make Jacob laugh. He really hasn't enjoyed choir that much but hung in there for the trip to Sea World with friends. He is mostly excited that he gets to retire the choir shirt, he hates it!!! Sea World here we come!!!

Haha, we made him laugh :)

Don't smile!

Put your hands up!

"All this singing is giving me a headache"

He's going to laugh again. haha

Jacob's friends, Ky and Thomas

Ky, Jacob and Thomas

Makenzie, Jacob and Brittney

Choir Boy and Mom

Dale, Jacob and Marti

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Texas Size Rainstorm

The past few days they have been saying we were going to get a big rainstorm. It finally came this afternoon complete with lightening and thunder. Just glad is wasn't the bad hailstorm they had in Austin yesterday or the snow they are getting in Colorado. Makenzie was bummed because they cancelled yet another track meet. Why does it only rain on track meet days?

Backyard underwater. You can see all the dog toys and stuff the Sammie has chewed up on the yard or under the water.

View from the upstairs of our house.

Rain is falling all around. And the girls being silly.

Sammie thinks she needs to come in the house. Not because of the rain though, she actually likes to play in the rain. What a silly dog. It's a good thing we like her so much because she is chewing up everything in the backyard, lawn chairs, patio chairs, sprinklers, pool mats, you name it she chews it!


Why do people not see all the neon school zone signs and flashing lights, but they see law enforcement vehicles? I notice this all the time when I run, but today it had a little more impact on me. Coming back from my run there were a couple of cars zooming through the flashing lights of the school zone. Just then a cop came out of an intersection about 200 yds ahead. These people slammed on their brakes(so you know they knew it was a school zone) and the one closes to the sidewalk lost a little bit of control and went up on the grass. Luckily there was grass between me and the street. Unfortunately, the guy got his car back down before the Sheriff saw this. Jerk!
OK, I've got a little runner's rage problem.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Choir

Jacob had his Spring Choir Concert today. These are all 5th graders. It's not mandatory, but most kids do it for the Sea World Trip, which will be this Saturday. They will perform outside of Sea world before they go in. These kids have come to school an hour early twice a week for the whole school year. Actually the concert is tomorrow night, this one was for the kids at school and they were also celebrating Mrs. Rylander's 89th birthday. This is the lady who our school is named after. She was a long time educator in the Katy area. It's pretty neat for the kids to actually know the person that their school is named after. Jacob with some cool moves

Doesn't he look excited? NOT!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Rylander

Here are a few songs that they sang.


I've Been Workin' On the Railroad

The whole student body (1100+) and teachers singing happy birthday.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Church Funnies

Here are a few funnies from church today.

1. Brittney had to speak. haha
That's funny in itself but it was also funny watching here doze off on the stand. She had to babysit till 1 am so she was bit tired.
2. The next speaker made the comment that we needed to "increase family unity". Jacob's eyes got real big and he asked Matthew and I why she said that. He thought she said "increase family nudity".
3. They were playing a fishing game in Primary. There were 2 fish bowls and the kids got to come up and catch a fish and read what was on the back and decide which bowl it belonged in. They weren't all fish, there was a dolphin, octopus, turtle and other fish. One bowl only had the dolphin in it. The next fish belonged in the bowl the dolphin was in and a little child said, "don't put the fish in there, the dolphin will eat it". They assured the child they were pretend and the dolphin wouldn't eat it.
4. Another child was asked what he liked about his dad. He rattled off a few things, then said his dad's wedgies really hurt!
5. There was a picture displayed of a family taking the sacrament. The chorister was talking about the picture and said it was like our families today taking the sacrament together. A small child said it wasn't his family because they weren't all there yet.
6. This one is for the Smith side of the family and let me say I love my mother-in-law. Jacob was asked the question, "What is something you share with your grandma"? Jacob's answer was the remote control. The leader said your grandma shares the remote, he said no that's why I have to share it. We love you Grandma Smith

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break '09

Our family had a "Staycation" for Spring Break, except Matthew who got to spend a few days in San Antonio with a friend and his family. We had beautiful weather this week so I can't complain. We went to the rodeo and had fun at home in the pool and ate out(my favorite). Matthew at the Wax Museum
Matthew and friend Andrew

Matthew with the Wilkes Family at Sea World

They think they are studs.
Matthew at Ripley's Museum

Sammie, because she is cute, but makes a mess in the backyard!!!

Dale cleaning up both the dogs messes so I can mow.
Brittney pulling weeds. I know it is spring break, but sometimes you have to work before you can play!
Brittney and friends enjoying themselves at the Smith Resort.
The water was still a little cool, but the girls didn't mind.
My girls. We were soaking up some sunshine along with Britt's friends.

Thumbs up!

Tanning beauties

Happy Spring Breakers....and they are sober!!!