Friday, August 29, 2014

Football Season is Here!

Jacob had his first varsity football game, not only did he play but he started. He was suppose to be on JV, but due to some people moving, he was pulled up to be a back-up, but the kid we was backing up is injured, so Jacob got the start. He had an interception!!!! He played exceptionally well and we got the win!

I was selling football tickets, so I brought him lunch and I made him let me take a picture.

This was inside the program.
Makenzie was awarded an athletic booster club scholarship and had her picture in the program.
I laughed that it said Bringham Young instead of Brigham Young. I could have been worse,
 it could have said Breedham Young.

This is Jacob's sports ad in the program.

Dale and I got there early to watch them warm up. Yes, we are excited!!

Friday Night lights

The article from the newspaper about Jacob"s interception.

Taking the field to warm up

We have a big crowd for the opening game

Jacob coming out of the locker room

He has taken the field

Jacob is #7

stretching before taking the field after half time

Jacob on the Jumbo Tron

On the Jumbo Tron again

The interception

Jacob and the defensive coordinator, Coach Simmons

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mom heads back to Texas

Left for Texas, Jacob has a football game tomorrow!
Peace Out Utah

Take good care of our kiddos, Utah

There was snow on the mountains already, hard to see with all the clouds, butit's there

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Checking into the Dorms

So this really happened. Makenzie checked into the dorms and we now have 3 kids at BYU.

Waiting in line to get her dorm key

I think we bought too big of a Texas flag, at least for her dorm room.

Why do I have a Y in my hand?

Our 3 BYU Cougars

Four BYU Cougars

Dale and I will be there in a month

Getting our shaved ice

Love the spelling of our names
McKinzie=Makenzie, Marty=Marti and Britany=Brittney

One last picture of her room before I head out tomorrow. She will be at Freshman Orientation
so she will not go to the airport when I get dropped off.