Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday on the Pitch

It was a windy day for our Spring Soccer debut. Makenzie's team won 7-0. Obviously, she didn't give up any goals, in fact I think she only had 1 ball that even came somewhat close to her. She was able to come out of the goal after it was 4-0. She didn't make any goals but had an assist. Jacob's team tied 5-5. He had one goal and 2 assist. He didn't look too bad for not playing for 2 years. He even played the whole game since we only had 1 sub.

The bored goalie

Yes! We scored again. I get to come out and actually play.

Makenzie(blue) is fighting for the ball

Makenzie (blue #81)

Jacob #5

Dale had to go across the street and retrieve a ball. There is a ditch with water in it he found out.
Lined up for kick off

Fighting for possession

Jacob has hops!

Dribbling through the opponents

After a kick


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