Thursday, August 30, 2012

CRHS Spirit Night

Cinco Ranch High School had their Spirit Night last night. In years past it has been outside at the football stadium and they introduce each different varsity sports team. This year we did it inside the gym and all the athletes just came in and crammed themselves in a part of the gym and they really didn't introduce the teams. I know it is hot outside, but by the time they crammed everyone in the gym, it was hot in there also. Makenzie went with the Girls Varsity Track Team and got to hold their sign.

Jacob with his friends

Makenzie walking in with the track team and the basketball team is in front of her

The athletes


The School Alma Mater Song, don't know why it is so blurry.

First day of school and Seminary

Jacob and Makenzie on Monday, August 27th.
The first day of school and Jacob's first day of high school and Seminary.
Jacob asked me, "Who takes pictures at 5:45 am?"
I guess I do!

Bathroom Funny

I saw this in one of the bathrooms we stopped to use on our way to Colorado. Don't know how long it has been there, but you can insert your least favorite President in there.
Hot Air...get it?

The Apartment

I only have pictures of Brittney's apartment, Matthew lives in the same complex and his apartment is the same as hers except that his smells since one of his roommates has fish tanks and lizard aquariums that don't give off a very nice aroma. Both apartments have 4 bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, living room and a washer and dryer. Brittney is on the 4th floor and Matthew is on a 3rd floor. That was fun moving in, there are elevators, but with everyone moving in at once, it was quicker to take the stairs, so yes we were a little sore the next day. They each have room to themselves. Brittney has her friend Julia Hatfield in her apartment, they shared a dorm room together last year and there are 2 other girls from St George, Utah. Matthew has Mike Johnson in his apartment as well as the pet store owner and I don't think the other guy has moved in yet, maybe the fish and reptiles scared him away or the smell or all the super hero decals every where. I just hope they both have a great year in college.

Brittney moving into her room

The living room 

The kitchen

The courtyard

The pool
The view from the  4th floor walkway

Starting to get settled

This was in the lobby when they checked in, a chocolate fountain, with fruit,
popcorn, chips and later they brought out pop, the real stuff, they had Coke and Diet Coke
and not the decaffeinated stuff!!

Catch Up

Now that I've caught up on the laundry(not that I am ever caught up, but at least on top of it), yard mowed, visiting teaching done and the house vacuumed I can catch up on what's been going on. Last Monday, the 20th, Matthew, Brittney, Mike J and I set off in two vehicles and started our trek toward Utah. The first day we did a 18 hour drive from hell to Denver, not that Texas is hell, even though some would debate that, but that 18 hours in the car was hell!! That night Brittney and I stayed with my niece Jyl and Matthew and Mike J stayed with my nephew Nathan. The next morning/afternoon we went to lunch at Chipotle and then we headed to my parents house and visited with them all afternoon and evening. We went to dinner with my parents also. Brittney and I went to stay the night at my sister Becky's house and Matthew and Mike went back to Nathan's house. We had a nice visit with my sister and kept her way too late since she had to be at work early in the morning, but I'm so glad we got to visit and thankful she let us stay the night. Wednesday we headed back south and met up with Matthew at my niece Kami's hair salon, where she cut Brittney, Matthew's and my hair and most of all we got to see her baby Elle, who we have only seen in picture. She is cute in pictures, but really, really cute in person. Jyl and her daughter Emersyn also met us there. After hair cuts we went to lunch. After lunch we headed back to my parents house only to get caught in a shut down interstate due to a wreck. It took us over an hour to go 4 1/2 miles. I can run faster than that! after visiting with my parents, we headed back south again and Britt and I stayed with Jyl and the boys with Nathan. Let me apologize to Mike's mom for anything he may have been exposed to at my nephew's house, Nathan is quite the character, but we love him!!!  Thursday morning we headed off to Provo/BYU. The kids were suppose to be able to get into their apartments that night, but the day before we got an email, that they couldn't move in until Friday, way to mess us up!! Dale's Aunt Carolyn was kind enough to put us all up Thursday night even though she only planned on me. Carolyn is a saint!!! Friday morning we got them moved into their apartments and did some shopping and more shopping for their apartments. That night Brittney and I went to watch the Spanish Fork HS football game. Dale's cousin Kirk is the coach and yes they got a win. Saturday we went grocery shopping for the kids.Saturday night we went to Brick Oven for dinner, a tradition when I go out there. Sunday morning the kids picked me up at 5:45 am and took me to the airport. I got into Houston mid afternoon and since then I have been doing the things I first mentioned at the beginning of this post and getting Jacob and Makenzie off to school.

The Smith parking lot also known as our driveway. We are down to 3cars now.

5am and ready to go

Brittney is sad that this tree limb is gone, she used to use it to climb the tree

Matthew, Dad, Marti, Mom and Brittney 

Funny face! I love my parents!!!

Elle and Kami

Kami, Brittney, Elle and Emersyn

Emersyn, Matthew, Brittney, Kami and Jyl

Brittney, Matthew and Mike Johnson

Three BYU Cougars

I love this campus, just wish it wasn't so far away!
When are they building a BYU Texas??


Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Church Dance

Although Jacob turned 14 in February, he finally decide to go to his first Church Dance, some of it is because he has nothing to wear, since you can't wear Nike short and a Nike tshirt. We bought him some cargo shorts and a polo. We did find out that you are suppose to wear shorts to the dance, but they let him stay along with all the other guys wearing cargo shorts.
Doesn't Jacob looked thrilled???

Freshman Football

Jacob had an inner squad scrimmage yesterday morning. We loved being at the high school at 7:30 am on a Saturday, not. All Jacob's sibling cam out to watch, luckily it wasn't too hot yet, but it was sticky, but that is Houston for ya. Jacob was playing receiver in the offensive side and corner on defense. They never threw a pass his way when he was on either side of the ball, but there are like 100 boys they have to get in. Crazy Texas football!

Coach Simmons's getting them pumped and ready to scrimmage

Jacob putting the yellow penny on to play defense

How many coaches does it take to coach Texas football?
This many plus a few more on the other side of the ball.

Jacob is ready to make a play

Jacob is on the far end playing receiver, but they never threw him the ball

Oh, and it was Dale and mines anniversary yesterday!
Happy Anniversary to us!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don't Forget This Place

Remember the Alamo!
We stopped off at the Alamo on our way home from San Antonio. Jacob was telling us all about it before we got there. His 7th grade Texas History teacher, Coach Sanders, would have been proud.

The six flags over Texas 

Glad Matthew's mission period was only 2 years!!

the back of the Alamo