Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 14th

Makenzie turned 14 yesterday!!
It was nice to have all the kids here for her birthday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Know It's Been A Long Week When.....

I was vacuuming the house at 11:30 last night and as I went into our bedroom to vacuum, I looked at Dale, and at the same time we both said, "Is it Friday yet?" It's been a good week, but a long one, with little sleep.

P.S. They released me from my Primary Piano calling today :(

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Matthew and the Temple

Well, our kids are getting older and it felt that way today. It was a beautiful day for Matthew to go through the Temple for his first time. When we arrived at the Houston Temple this morning, Dale looked at me and asked me if I was ready for this? I told him no. Later we agreed that we were not old enough to have a child going through the Temple, but that is only wishful thinking. I can't put into words all the emotions I felt today. I can say I am grateful for a son who is worthy and willing to serve a mission and his willingness to want to go through the Temple as soon as he got home from school. As we left the Temple, Matthew thanked us for taking him and Dale thanked him for his willingness to go. Dale and Matthew

Matthew and Marti

It was a beautiful day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Storming McDonald's

I was able to go up to Denver for a day this week. I spent my day at McDonald's! I spent it there because I wanted to visit with a bunch of my nieces and not all their kids are in school so we hit the Playland. It was fun to see what great mom's they all are and the ones who aren't moms yet are such good aunts to their nieces and nephews. My Mom and sister, Becky also came. I'm glad Becky took her lunch hour to visit with us! My mom.with my nieces, Lauren, Jyl, Nicole, Kami and Nicky who is standing by me.
Kami, Nicky, my sister, Becky and Lauren, holding one of her twins.

The Niece's

My great nieces and nephews
I guess that would make me a "great" aunt!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Track Ice Cream Sundae Party

This past Wednesday, Makenzie's track team had an ice cream sundae party after school. I was there because I set up before they got out of school. It was a fun way to celebrate their district championship! You may notice some of them are in their P.E. clothes. They have Athletics their last period so they were in their athletic clothes. Makenzie and friends enjoying their sundaes

Track Coaches getting applause

Makenzie handing out the coaches gift to the shot and discus coach

They played games. One of the coaches was on a microphone calling girls up to do this strength thing. She was calling up all the gymnasts and all of the sudden I hear, and next will be Marti Smith. I knew I would make an idiot out of myself, but I went for it. I only could pull my legs parallel to the ground. I did it 3 times and Makenzie could never get my picture when I was at my highest. Oh, well, I tried!

Makenzie went, but she cheated, she pushed off the bench below.

Makenzie in the "Mall Walker" relay

Piggy back race.
What a fun way to end the season!!!

Special Olympics

Last Saturday, April 10th, the youth from our church ran the Special Olympics in our town of Katy. Dale and Makenzie both helped out. Dale always does a lot of work before hand to help out with this event each year. I'm lucky, I just show up and take pictures. I think they call it the "Special" Olympics because of the special feeling you have inside as you watch these athletes compete. They train and work very hard to participate in this event. I love to see the smiles on their faces as they complete an event. I also love when their parents come out and cheer them on and the big hugs they give their kids when they are done. It's always a great event to go watch. The last 2 years we haven't had very good weather for this event, but the athletes show up and participate anyways. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from that day. Makenzie is in the blue hoodie.
This is the same shot put ring she broke the school record at.
Tanner, Melanie(Tanner's mom) and Makenzie working shot put.
I should mention, Tanner also placed 6th in shot put at the district meet!!

My favorite athlete, Ty!
I was Ty's Nursery Leader at church a few years back.
He just turned 8 so this was the first Olympics he got to compete in!
This guy just ran a half mile and won

This is our friend Tyler. Brittney was his Best Buddy in Jr. High. He has a sister that goes to school with Makenzie. He was so excited to win 2 ribbons. I was talking to him a few days after the event and told him he did a great job. He said, "I won a ribbon." I said, "I know, you won two." He just smiled and was so happy!

Tyler congratulating a opposing team member

It's going to be a photo finish

These guys are serious about what they are doing!

Cheering the athlete running the half mile

Friday, April 16, 2010

Brittney's Boat Project Video

Here is the video Brittney and Anne Marie put together for their boat project. The video is part of their grade. Matthew also made a video.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Football Is Back!!

Football is back, at least for the next month. Jacob is playing on a 7 on 7 team. He and his friends created the team and then they talked Dale into coaching them. It only 4 weeks long with 2 games every Friday night. We won both games last night!!! Here are a few pictures of the over 200 that I took. Dale giving instruction to his team
Jacob is ready on defense

Jacob back for the pass. He had a couple of TD passes!

Team huddle

One of many good runs by Jacob

I think he got past almost every defender. He actually scored , but it was called back because they said a kid on our team blocked. Boooooo!!!!!

This is an actual score. He held the ball across the line just to make sure it was in. We had 2 previous plays that were stopped right before the goal line.

Some other good moves

Happy coach!
Jacob and a couple teammates celebrating at La Finca's

Friday, April 9, 2010

We Have a Record Setter

Makenzie had her last Jr. High Athletic Contest on Wednesday, the 7th. It was the District Meet where she was competing in the discus and shotput. She came in 7th in the discus, but she got 1st in the shotput and also broke the 8th grade girls school record which has held up for the last 6 years. She had a throw of 39'2" and the old record was 38'3 1/2", so she really out did herself. Last year she tied the 7th grade record so we were so happy that she finally beat a record. She worked very hard to earn that title and we are so proud of her. Dale and I both had knots in our stomachs prior to her throwing. Who knew you could get so nervous for shotput. Makenzie's coach told me to take this picture to show how much shorter she is compared to the rest of the competitors. The girls were being briefed on the rules.
Dad stretching her out.

Coach Sanders giving her a pep talk

The green dot by the shot is Makenzie's mark.
She beat the 2nd place person by more than 5 feet!!

We didn't know if she had set the record yet, but we were pretty sure and Dad gave her a big hug! I love the smile on Coach Elrod's face in the background. She was truly happy for Makenzie!

She gets a hug from Jacob also.

Hug from Coach Elrod(she was Makenzie's 7th grade basketball coach)

Makenzie with Coach Sanders.
I think he was as happy as we were. I wish I had video taped him pacing while Makenzie was up throwing. He is a great coach!!!

The Award Ceremony was the following day. They do the field events the day before the running events, but so all the awards the same day. Makenzie was the only one out of the top 6 to show up so she was the lone girl on the podium.
Makenzie getting her 1st place medal

The smile says it all

The Award Ceremony
A very proud Coach Sanders

Showing her medal off in the shotput ring

And a very excited and proud Mom!!!