Monday, January 31, 2011

As Promised...Sadie's Pictures

Brittney had her last high school Sadie's dance this past Saturday, or as Dale called it, "Nerds Night Out".  Dale was just referring to their group since they are all in the top 7% of their graduating class and 3 of them are in the top 11. It was a good group of kids!

Brittney and Matt Tomberlin

 Most of the girls in their group.
 This is the "stop with the pictures" look
 On the party bus.
 Headed off to Hard Rock Cafe and then the dance and then the lake house!

It was a successful Sadie's!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Brittney was disappointed I didn't have her Sadie's pictures up on my blog today. Sorry Brittney I will do it tomorrow.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My New Obsession

I have spent a lot of time taking pictures of the high school girl's basketball teams and Jacob's team. Dale also got me some new photoshop software for Christmas. I have had fun playing around with it. Since I posted a picture of Jacob it was only fair to post a picture of Makenzie! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jump High Jacob

Yes, Jacob is that much smaller than a lot of the other 7th graders.

Things that make me shake my head.

Yesterday I was in the Jr High parking lot waiting for Jacob to get out, I had food for him becuase he had a basketball game. I heard a loud noise. I notice a man threw his can of chew out the window, I assume it was empty. I was tempted to pick it up and take it to him and tell him he dropped it. While watching him, I noticed he was drinking out of a flask, don't know what was in it, but I did know I needed to get out of the parking lot before he did!

The basketball game before Jacob's was a close game. It was our 7th grade B team playing. A family of a kid on the opposing team was sitting by us(why he wasn't on his teams side I don't know). They called a foul on his son to which he yelled, "Call it both ways". I said, have you looked at the foul count, they just had their 3rd and we had more than 10 because they stop counting after that on the score board.

At Jacob's game on Saturday, I could post a whole bunch of stuff, but the one that really made me shake my head, was when a kid from the other team had the ball in his hand and stepped out of bounds and the refs gave the ball back to them. I guess since he was out of bounds with the ball in his hands it was an obvious solution???

While blog stalking, there was a lady, who made the comment that having a c-section wasn't really giving birth. REALLY!!!! I've had 2 kids naturally and I mean without drugs or an epidural and 2 c-sections. My first c-section saved the life of my child and myself. Having my kids naturally was much easier and painless tha a c-section. I'm thinking she needs to experience one so she knows what it feels like to "not give birth". No I didn't leave a comment, because it is probally someone I don't want stalking my blog and leaving comments.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getcha Head in the Game

 As mentioned in the previous post, the girls had a church basketball tournament.
Here is the brackets.
In the lower left corner you will notice a popular phrase from High School Musical,
"Getcha head in the game."
Unfortunately, Brittney took this seriously, another girls head collided with with hers and she split her eyebrow open. The other girl didn't even have a red mark. 
Brittney didn't even realize she was bleeding let alone, had her forehead split open. She wanted me to get her a band aid so she could stay out there and play, which I did, until I saw it up close, it was definitely going to need stitches. Off to the ER we went. Five stitches to fix it.
She wanted me to hold her hand while they put them in, I did for awhile till I got queasy and had to sit down. I really shouldn't have watched what they were doing!
Makenzie stayed behind and stepped up her game to pull out a win for us!!  

The Stake Young Women's leaders taking care of Brittney 

Texting while in the ER

The gash!!

 After she was stitched up she had a hair appointment.
Nothing makes you feel better than good hair!

Brittney's eye a few days later

Church Basketball

This is the last year the girls will play church basketball together.
They are an awesome duo!!
Many people tell me how fun it is to watch them play together.
They won the tournament! Way to go out!

Brittney waving at me in the background!

Clapping for Makenzie making her free throw!


It's Sadie's time again. Brittney has asked her date.
She wrote on a life jacket and threw it in Matt's(that's who she asked) pool.
She hopped his fence since the gate was locked.
Her friend, Anne Marie rang his doorbell, when he answered the door, Anne Marie ran across
his house to the backyard. He asked what the orange thing was that was floating in the pool.
Anne Marie said she didn't do it, but pointed to Brittney.
He said yes!! 

We call Matt #5 since he is # 5 in our senior class.
He is smart since he said yes to Brittney!

Friday, January 7, 2011

It Was the Socks!

Jacob's basketball team has struggled through their first 2 games but the 3rd game was a charm, they finally got a win!
Jacob had a great game. He had 17 points, 12 which came from the 3 point line.
That's right, he hit 4-3 pointers!!
He got player of the game. He also had good ball control, especially under pressure.
Glad they finally got a win!
One of his 3 pointers

From the free throw line

Putting another one in!!

Can't give Jacob all the credit.
None of this would have been possible with out these: 

Nike Elite Basketball Socks!
He was super excited to get these for Christmas. They were very hard to get a hold of,
but I managed to find some online after a month of looking for them.
If you read the reviews on these socks, people claim all kinds of good things these socks have done for them.
Just keep believing!!! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resourceful Matthew

Matthew sent us a CD with a bunch of pictures on it. I love how resourceful he is. A piece of notebook paper and packing tape!
Some of the pictures I will put on his blog but there are a lot. I will probably put them all on my facebook shortly. I love pictures and Matthew knows it!

New Years Fun

These are pictures from New Years Day since technically they were taken after midnight.

Shoots Flaming Balls

Makenzie enjoying the hot tub

So there! 

Mom And Makenzie

Marti And Dale

Saturday, January 1, 2011