Monday, June 24, 2013

Picking up the oldest

I flew out to Utah on June 20th and by the 21st, Brittney. Matthew and I were on the road to Colorado. On Saturday the 22nd, we spent the day at my parents house. We had a nice visit!! Dale flew in that night. His plane was suppose to be there at 7 pm, but didn't get there until almost 11 pm. Dale and Matthew drove home in his truck, while I drove home with Brittney. It was a short trip, but everyone is home.

My brother Jerry and I

My sister Becky and I with our parents

My sister Becky and I

Me with my parents

Me and my Dad

Me and my mom

Jyl and Brittney

Jyl and Tom

My dad with Matthew and 2 of his Great grandsons, Evan and Adrian
We got to eat at Rosa's on the way back to Texas

Slight delay, Matthew had a nail in his tire, luckily it was never flat!

Tire fixed and on the road again

The sun setting in Texas

Brittney driving

The last stop before home

We've been in this car too long

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Makenzie had Girls Camp June 10-14th and Jacob had a Canoe Trip in Arkansas June 10-15th. It was Makenzie's last year of camp. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of either since I wasn't there. Hopefully someone will post some at some point so I have some. I do have the picture of Jacob's wet dirty clothes and believe me, the smell was bad. I stayed up Saturday night washing everything just to get rid of the smell!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Official Track Picture

Here is the track picture Makenzie had done at school. It's too cute not to share.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Empty Nesters

Dale and I are empty nesters this week, Makenzie is at Girls Camp and Jacob is on Scout High Adventure canoeing  trip in Arkansas. This is a good time to do some projects since I won't be interrupted by having to take Jacob here and there. Yesterday I spent the day pruning and trimming all the landscaping in the front yard. Today I cleaned my carpets since there would be no kids to run all over them while they dry. I planned on laying out in the pool while they dried, but mother nature had other plans, it poured down rain this afternoon, it wasn't even suppose to rain. I want to put Round-up on all the weed growing in the cracks in the sidewalk and on all the weeds in the landscaping around the pool so I can mulch, but we keep having rain in the afternoons. This rain is interfering with my plans!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Astro's Game

Dale got some company ticket's for the Astros game. It was a 1 pm game, so of course Dale jumped on that to get the afternoon off of work. The Astros lost and it was kind of a boring game. We had more fun listening to the 4 teenage girls sitting behind us, we got caught up on the Kingwood high school gossip.There were a couple of the girls that knew nothing about baseball and there were a few funny comments from them, her are my two favorite.
"I don't understand this scoreboard, all I know is that it is the 4th inning"  It was the 6th inning!
There was a runner on 3rd base and the 3rd base coach was talking to the runner, girls comment, "Can they both be on the same base?"  It was funny to me.
After the game, we came home and had cake and ice cream!!
When I was a kid, the score boards were so much simpler! I went to many baseball games with my Dad and he would ask, 'How many 1's(or another number)are on the scoreboard?" Now days, the number would change before you could finish counting! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Look Who's Fifty

Marti turned the big 50! The day started off by going for a run only to see Dale and Makenzie had chalked my car window's up, only later when I went to go some place did I notice all the black balloons filling my car, oh yes, they were also  all over the house, including the refrigerator. I'm still finding a few. It was Makenzie and Jacob's last day of school so they had a half day. Jacob spent it with friends and Makenzie and I hug out. Later that afternoon we got a visit from Erika and Derrick, Jessica, Miqui and Ezra. They came over to swim. It was a nice to spend part of my birthday with them. Jacob and Makenzie had Mutual that night, but the rest of us went to Pappasito's for dinner, where I got to wear the sombrero and got sung to. Jessica asked me what I wanted to do now that I have turned 50, I said hopefully turn 51 and so on! Thanks to everyone who made my day special, especially all the phone calls from family!!

We got the #50 a few month's ago, so we took a pic.

Me after my run. I planned on running 8 miles, but it was so hot and humid I only made it 6.2.
I blame it on the heat not my age :) 

Ez came and made my birthday perfect

I love Miqui's smile. 

My Pappasito's treat

Great company!

The gift Matthew sent me. A lens for my phone!