Monday, September 23, 2013


Jacob's Sophomore football team is 4-0. We played our district rival last week and we won! I was just as excited for Jacob to beat this team as I was when Matthew's Varsity team beat them! Unfortunately this game doesn't count, except for the bragging rights until we play them again at their place. This game was a filler game for a team who cancelled on us. Hopefully we can play just as well next meeting and have the same outcome!
We got poured on for some of the game. Luckily it didn't last the whole game or there wouldn't be as many pictures

Jacob flying through to try and block an extra point

Making a tackle

Getting instructions from Coach Park

Jacob making a block for his friend Austin 

The half time score. We started off down 0-10, but changed our defense and the offense quit turning the ball over.

Getting half-time instructions

Defense on the field. Jacob is on the far right

Jacob helping on the group tackle

Jacob helping hold them from crossing the plane for a touchdown 

Getting ready to hold them !

The parents getting into it!

Jacob going to try to block a field goal

He didn't block it, but they didn't make it either

With under a minute left, Jacob tackles the guy and knocks the ball out

A happy dad and the guy next to him is Jacob's  Jr High  coach and the guy next to him was his Youth football coach.

The other team calls their last time out

The defense getting instructions

The parents are on their feet

And we pick off the pass! Jacob is behind the guy who made the interception and in that chaos, Jacob got hit hard in the shin.

Jacob grabbing his leg. It is still sore, but he is ok to play!


There are a bunch of happy people wearing maroon! (The people in red weren't as happy)


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Football Program

Here are pics of the kids in the Varsity Football program.

Jacob is wearing #47 in this picture

Varsity Girls Basketball

Varsity Track and Field

The sports ad for Makenzie and Jacob. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another Shut Out

Jacob's team had another shut out. It was a very warm 99 degrees outside for this game and felt warmer on the field. Jacob's team has only given up 7 points in three games. This last win was exciting because they are a tough team and their Varsity team is ranked 4th in the state of Texas, but we stepped up and beat them!!

Dale and Makenzie trying to stay cool. Makenzie was eating the ice intended for her shin.

The hot Texas sun beating down on us

Ready for kick off

A much needed water break

The proud parents cheering for a game well played!

After game speech with the final score in the background  

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Many of Brittney's friends have been getting married and she has been a bridesmaid in some of them. Her best friend Chantel Bartholomew got married On September 7th in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Brittney was a little sad that she hat to miss the BYU v University of Texas game, but she loves her friend more than football! Her friend Crystal got married a few months earlier in the Salt Lake Temple and Brittney was a bridesmaid in her wedding also.Both Crystal and Chantel are from Katy, Texas! Here are a few pics from those weddings/
Crystal and Brittney

Brittney, Crystal and Chantel

A beautiful day for Chantel's wedding

Brittney waiting for Chantel and Tyler to come out of the Temple

Brittney and the newly married Chantel.
Chantel made her own dress and all the bridesmaids skirts.

The wedding party

The bride and bridesmaids

If you look closer at Chantel's boots it says "I DO"

Brittney caught the bouquet, I told her to throw it back!