Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Off and running with basketball

Jacob had his first high school basketball game last night. I missed it since I was at the school with Makenzie for her cannon project and she had a game at home. Dale went to Jacob's game and he said he did well and play most of the game. They won!! Since I was not there I have no pictures and his games will be at the same time Makenzie plays so Dale and I will have to take turns watching them play. I did get a shot of the 2 together when we got home last night.
Our 2 Cinco Cougar Ballers 

Cannon Project

Round 3 with the high school cannon project for Physics. You would think we would have it down after 3 kids. The kids get in a group and build a cannon, there are certain parameters they have to follow and there has to be a trigger mechanism. They have 2 minutes to launch tennis balls at 2 different trash cans, one is closer than the other. The close trash can is on the floor in a square and the farther one is on a table. You get a point for every tennis ball that lands in the square and you get more points if it hits the trash cans and more if one lands in it. Makenzie's groups cannon kept shooting the ball right off to the side of the square and if you corrected the position of the cannon it would shoot to the other side of the square. They only got 9 points, but a lot of the cannons this year didn't do very well. Wish we would have saved Matthew's cannon and just fixed a few things.


Makenzie got a big surprise this week. The track coach gave her a letter which she didn't open until she got home from basketball practice. It was a recruitment letter. It was totally unexpected, not necessarily where she would want to go, but very exciting to say the least.

Her name is spelled wrong.
Our high school track program needs to get that fixed!

Part of the letter.

More Balling

Jacob had his last football game on Thursday and had basketball tryouts on Friday and Saturday. Jacob made the Freshman A Team Congrats to him! The coaches said the list would be posted on the gym doors by Sunday at noon, but one of the kids dad got an email from the coaches(he has another son on Varsity) with the roster, so we found out during the Varsity Football game. After the game we stopped at the high school to take a picture of the list.

Extreme Temps

Saturday night we went to the Varsity Football game, at the same time, Matthew and Brittney were at the BYU Football game. We definitely had different footwear on that night!!

My footwear

Brittney's footwear and yes that is snow


Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Freshman Football Game

Jacob had his last freshman football game last night. Here are some pics from the night.

Jacob must be telling them something funny.

Team Prayer

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby Shower Denver Style

I was able to help throw my friend Katie Park a baby shower. Katie and her husband are expecting a boy at the end of November. Katie's husband is one of the football coaches at our high school and is a Denver Bronco fan, their daughter's name is Ellie, after John Elway. Still no name for the little guy. It was fun to do a football theme and Mckell Allen made the cutest decorations in Bronco colors and brought some life to my dining room. We had appetizers that you would serve at a Super Bowl party, so that was easy. She got a lot of cute boy clothes and some Bronco stuff. I just had to get her a Bronco jersey for the little guy. If I hadn't put their last name on the back of it, I might have kept it because it was so cute.

This is a wreath to go on her door at the hospital, her doctor made it for her.
Her doctor is in our ward and I used to be her Mia Maid Advisor 

An awesome Bronco blanket

The group minus me and 2 others that already left

The group with me minus the one who took the picture

Me with Melanie Wright and Bethany Peterson
These to cute girls used to be my Mia Maids back in 1993-1994.
Melanie is a mom of 5 and is helping put her husband through Dental School and she is the best Primary Chorister!
Bethany is an OB/GYN and had 3 darling girls.
Man I feel old!  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Streak Has Ended

As those who read my blog know that Makenzie has not lost a basketball game in 4 years, well that streak was ended, she had her first loss. It's a much different team than she is used to playing on. Most the girls have quit, there was one moved up to Varsity and the other two are still on the team. They just haven't meshed together as a team yet, but hopefully by time Districts start they will have it together.

The 3 returning JV as team captains

Knocking the ball loose

Not use to the "not winning" thing

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Rivalry Game

We had the big showdown between Cinco Ranch and that Red Team. I took my friend Anela to the game. She has lived in Texas for 7 years and has never been to a high school football game, so I took her to the big district game where there is a sell out crowd. Anela emailed me the day before and asked if a maroon ASU shirt was OK because she did not want to embarrass me. I said any color other than red was OK. It was a crazy game. We had to evacuate the stadium twice because of lightning. The second tie was during half time and then it started to pour rain. Poor Anela had had enough of the heat and then the rain, so I took her home and then the kids and I grabbed some lunch and heard the game had started again, so we went back to the stadium. Unfortunately we lost, but we did not get killed and we held our own against them. We still love our Cougars!! One more game left and then on to the playoffs.

Jacob and his friend Colin, showing off their football tan lines on their legs

Makenzie and Anela
You could never tell from the sky that we were going to get lightning and rain.

Jacob and his friends playing around at the pre-game party

Makenzie and her friend Jaylon. Jaylon is in the band and plays basketball

Cheering on our Cougars

Touchdown Cinco

A cool picture from a a friends phone.