Saturday, May 31, 2014

7 on 7

Pics from Jacob's 7 on 7 this week.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Senior Chill Out

The Senior Chill Out is where all the seniors get together and get their caps and gowns, pick up their ropes for their gowns and eat cake. The kids usually wear a t shirt from the college they will be attending. I came and helped serve cake and also dropped off Makenzie's Senior poster board that they display at Project Grad.
The cake that was served

All the kids from our high school, minus 2, that are going to BYU.

Makenzie's Senior Poster Board 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Game

Jacob had his Spring football game. He did really well and even had a pick 6! I missed him getting into the end zone with the camera since Makenzie stood up and blocked it! He also got the Iron Man award since he didn't miss any practices during class or after school.
Jacob being recognized for the Iron Man

Jacob's pick, a bit blurry since the camera was focusing on the helmets

Almost in the end zone and I get Makenzie's butt!

His teammates helping him up!

We were twinning in our matching shirts!

NHS Service Scholarship

So I get a text message from Makenzie that she received a Service Scholarship from the National Honor Society. She was taking an AP test when the NHS passed these out, so it was a nice surprise for her and us! Way to go Makenzie!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Prom 2014

Makenzie attended her Senior Prom with Spencer Dolan, no one asked her, so she asked Spencer, who is a Junior at another high school. It worked out well since Spencer will graduate in December next year and hopes to go on his mission after that, so he would miss Prom. I had more fun taking pictures of these two, they were a lot of fun. At one point they asked someone if they could  borrow their fishing pole, only to find out it was Makenzie's study hall teacher and her husband. They paired up with Corbin Short and Maddie and then they met Mason Allen for dinner. They stopped and got Chinese take out and went to Mason"s dad's office and ate. Mason's mom decorated the table with flowers. They headed off to the dance after that and then joined up with another group for an after party, where they swam, played volleyball and watched movies. I think fun was had by all!

Brittney doing her sisterly duties and buckling Makenzi's shoes

She went with flats! Smart girl!

Makenzie pretending to pin on the boutonniere that Spencer's mom actually pinned on!

Spencer and his parents

Yes, they are dancing

Now they are fishing

They climbed up to take pictures by the wire fire thing.

Can you say Hunger Games

No Prom pictures would be complete without jumping on a trampoline...

...or playing football...

...or playing on the swings..

...or going down a slide, They didn't actually go down the slide.

riding in the back seat of Corbin's truck

Where they got their food

Where they atetheir food.