Monday, July 30, 2012

Homecoming Talk

Matthew gave his homecoming talk in church yesterday. Dale was "lucky" enough to be able to speak also. We are so happy that Tyson, Kristina and their girls were able to come along with Erica an Derrick. We are sad that my parents weren't well enough to travel and be with us and we also missed Dale's parents. We miss you too Jyl and Tom(they were here for his farewell talk. Kristina, Alissa, Hannah, Erica and Derrick also joined me in my Primary class. It was a lot of fun to have them in there! We came home and Dale made fajitas and we munched on all the goodies everyone brought and sat around and visited. It was a great day!

Jacob, Marti, Dale, Makenzie, Brittney, Matthew, Tyson, Hannah, Alissa, Kristina, Lydia, Erica and Derrick

Erica and Derrick brought cupcakes and didn't want to leave them in the hot car during church so they put them in the kitchen at the church with this "warning" on the box.

Alissa and Hannah having a snack while waiting for the fajitas to cook

Gathering in the kitchen a Smith tradition

A happy Lydia

Alissa and Hannah

Derrick and Erica


Hannah has more frosting on her than in her

Alissa with tree climbing BYU Barbie(thanks to Derrick)

Matthew and Tyson

Lydia and Brittney

Lydia and Marti

Abi's Special Day

I stole this picture off my friend Jeanne's blog, hope she doesn't mind.
Her sweet daughter, Abi, was baptized on Saturday and I was able to play the piano for it and Matthew said the closing prayer. Matthew is really good friends with Abi's brother's Matt and Mike and Matthew has watched Abi grow up. Abi's brother Mike baptized her, her brother Matt is still on his mission. Matthew got to stand in the confirmation circle. It was exciting to see that, since this is the first one I have seen him participate in since all the others were on his mission. Thank you to the Johnson family for letting us be apart of this special day.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swear Jar?

I have a mason jar in my kitchen where I keep all the change I find while doing laundry or left over change when I give the kids money for activities. Matthew saw it and asked if it was a "swear jar". Dale told him we didn't have a damn swear jar.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Dad's Sense of Humor

My Dad was admitted to the hospital on Saturday and put in the ICU. He was having kidney failure and deadly potassium levels. Good news, they have it under control and he was moved out of ICU yesterday. I was talking to him this morning and he sounded good and I knew he was getting back to normal when he told me this:

He was talking to a Catholic nurse about religion and he said as soon as I called she took off because it was "like making love to a skunk, she had all she could take."

He is definitely feeling better, his sense of humor has returned.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Temple and Pappasito's

The first things Matthew wanted to do when he got home was go to the Temple and eat a Pappasitos.
Dale and I went to the Temple with him Friday morning and afterwards, we came home and changed and took the rest of the family to Pappasitos.

Then and Now

2010                                                                               2012

He's Home!!!

Just in case you missed it, Matthew is home!

Matthew arrived back home on Thursday, July 19, 2012. His plane was an hour late so we were a little anxious for the 2 hours that we were at the airport, just thankful it wasn't any later!

A special thanks to our friend Crystal Elliot who came to the airport with us and took pictures!!

To say we are excited to have him home is an understatement!

Getting ready to head to the airport


Waiting ans napping

Matthew's plane has landed

Dale ready with the video camera

And we see him!!!

A hug for mom

A hug for dad

A hug for Jacob

A hug for Brittney

A hug for Makenzie

We took Matthew to the church to be released and Institute was going on. His friend, Daniel Wilkes saw him and ran out of the room and hugged him!

Matthew and his plaque

Matthew after he was released by President Allen


Reunited with Sammie

Reunited with Peach

Throwing the football with Jacob

Swimming with Daniel

He couldn't wait to go swimming!!