Saturday, December 31, 2011

How do you end the year??

With an emergency room visit, at least Jacob did. He was at the health club playing basketball and was crossing over and his right hand was hit. He has one broken finger and a couple of them that are jammed. They had to numb his finger so they could reset it and then splint it. He has a chip in the growth plate so he has to make a visit to a hand surgeon. He is very bummed, since he will probably be out for the rest of his basketball season. The only good news is that he is left handed and it happened on his right hand.
Not only is it broken, but he has some really dry skin that needs some lotion!

The X-ray

All splinted up and you can see that the other two fingers are kind of swollen also

Armed Forces Bowl 2011

We had the opportunity to go watch BYU in a bowl game yesterday. It was up in Dallas, so we went up the day before and spent the night there. We had beautiful weather for the game and we were treated to parachutes and a fly over. The game wasn't looking too good for BYU at the beginning, but they ended up winning it in the last few seconds. Leave it to BYU to make it a blood pressure elevating game.

We've got Spirit

A big group of missionaries. The Dallas Texas Mission President was a real hero yesterday for letting them come!
We felt Matthew there in spirit!

It was a beautiful day for this!! Look at that blue sky!!

The fly over

The girls sporting their BYU tattoo's

Jacob sporting his tattoo

Celebration after a touchdown that BYU it's first lead of the game

Jacob went down on the hill by the end zone to watch the game

The final score

The team with the trophy

One last picture before we leave the stadium

Kids by one of the BYU buses. We thought about waiting for the team, but decided to hit the road and head back home.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Only at a BYU Game

After a really bad call against BYU I stood up and yelled, "Bull", nothing more nothing less. The lady sitting in front of me turned around and gave me the dirtiest look, I must have burned her virgin ears. I was thinking should she not be on the sidelines when the coach is yelling at the team, but I'm sure a BYU coach has never used a swear word, but then again, bull isn't a swear word by itself. is it?

Maybe if we gave them a little more hell than heaven, we would have a better football team!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blast from the Past

Remember Christmas 2008, we won't forget it,it was the Christmas our children made people think about the Snowman Song in a whole different light!!

Here are a few other versions of the same song that are pretty funny, but it can't top our kids!!

Why I Had to Play Catch-up on the Blog

THIS STUPID(by the way is not a swear word) 2OOO PIECE PUZZLE!!
The Thursday before Christmas, the kids decided to go to Target at 9:30pm and buy a puzzle. They came home with the Las Vegas Skyline, the other option was The Last Supper. I'm thinking they should have gotten the latter! The kids pulled all the outside pieces out and Brittney and I started to put it together while Jacob, Makenzie and Dale went and sat in the hot tub, I was going to go get in also but I got sucked into this stupid puzzle. Dale and I were up till 2 am Christmas Eve/Christmas day working on this puzzle and stayed up till 1am the next night. We finally finished it last night. I have never spent so much time on a puzzle before, never, and don't plan on it again. The next puzzle that comes into this house needs to be done behind closed doors so I don't get sucked into helping with it!! 

Getting down to the end

Filling in all the black pieces at the very end.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast

I'm giving Dale the look that the kids give me every time a take their picture

Makenzie's first gift

Brittney opening her first gift 

Jacob finally got the Beats(ear phones) he has wanted for a year.

Dale's thinking, not only to I have to pay for this I have to clean up the mess too.



 I love that we cannot only talk to Matthew but we can see him as well. So thankful that his Mission President allows this, plus it save money not having to call! We love you Elder Smith and can't wait to have you home next Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve dinner and Jacob is having Dr. Pepper instead of the Sparkling Cider

Makenzie sitting down to dinner

All the stocking are ready for Santa 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Late Gifts for Matthew...Not Happy!!

As of tonight Matthew has not received his Christmas package, it has been  held up at the FedEx facility in the Dominican Republic for two weeks! Not a Happy Camper! Hope everything is still in his package , that's if he ever gets it!  Dale thinks I could have flown over and delivered it to the mission home personally and it would have been cheaper!

Strike two against FedEx!
Here is strike one! At least they got their package.

Monday, December 19, 2011

She's Home

Brittney got home from BYU on Saturday, December 16th. We are excited to have her here even if we have to send her off again in a few weeks. She was able to go to Makenzie's basketball game and see her old teammates that are still in school and a few teammates that were also home from college.

Dale with the girls after Makenzie's game

Marti and the girls. Jacob didn't show up till later to watch the Varsity boys game.

Brittney and her friend and teammate, Anne Marie
  I was glad we stayed for the Varsity girls and boys game. We saw the last game of one of our Varsity boys that afternoon as he was tragically killed in a car accident the next day. I cannot even imagine what his parents are going through. We are so saddened by his loss. It makes you appreciate each and every moment you share with your children. Don't forget to hug your kids and tell them that you love them!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bright Colored Wreath

Here is the wreath that Makenzie made in her Floral Design class.
Not a traditional wreath, but very cute, and very Makenzie, she loves bright colors.
She had left over wreath stuff that we decorated the small trees on the porch to match the wreath.

Monday, December 5, 2011