Sunday, August 31, 2008

How We Are Spending Our Weekend

This weekend started out normal, but got a little bit crazy starting Friday night. Jacob had a football scrimmage and on the second play he made a tackle and he was hurting. They thought he had a stinger in his shoulder. He played another play and couldn't lift his left arm up. Dale got his pads off and we saw his left collarbone sticking out. We took him to the ER where we spent 31/2 hours. They said there was no break. They weren't sure why it was sticking out. I thought it might be dislocated. They think, yes think, they don't know, that he pulled the ligament and bruise some soft tissue. They put him in a sling, that's what they'd do for a break, and told him to take Motrin.They won't release his x-rays till Tuesday so we can't get a second opinion until then unless we get more x-rays. I hope they are right and it will be a quicker recovery. Dale took a picture of Jacob in the ER on his phone, but it hasn't made it to my computer yet.
Saturday morning we headed to San Antonio to watch Matthew's Football team play. While headed to San Antonio we saw many empty chartered buses headed the other way on I-10. They were headed to Louisiana to help evacuate people. In fact the chartered buses that our band had rented were being used for that so they had to ride the school buses(aka The Big Cheeses) to the game. We also saw the National Guard and Emergency Medical vehicles. I was sure glad we were going the other direction. Anyways, Matthew's team won. He didn't get to play, but neither did half of the team. We were able to take Matthew home with us instead of him riding the bus home(they got to keep their chartered buses). We went to eat at Pappasito's, our favorite place to eat and headed home. We encountered some caravans of chartered buses on the way home, but not too many. I was so tired last night that I didn't even vacuum. Dale thought Hell was freezing over.

"We've got Spirit"

Jacob and his friend Thomas aka Thing 1 and Thing 2

" Number 18 is a stud"

Matthew on the big screen as the coach gets the trophy

Friday, August 29, 2008

She made it!

Makenzie made the volleyball team. I'm not surprised, but you never know.

A.M. Maroon Gang

Matthew gets to wear his football jersey to school today. I snapped the picture before they headed off to Seminary this morning. Makenzie also has volleyball tryouts before school and if she makes the team(we will know today) she will has practice at 6 am. Last night I got to go help decorate the locker room for Matthew's team. Should have brought the camera, to take a picture of the jock straps laying on the floor and you know they are going to put it on. The camera would not have captured the smell. I guess it wasn't too bad as compared to years past, but they've only been in there for a few weeks. I'm sure by the end of the season things will be standing up in there. Have a great day and GO COUGARS!!! By the way Matt's team plays in the Alamodome in San Antonio tomorrow."It's 5:30am and you want us to smile?"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gas Prices

I just went to fill up all of our gas cans in case that hurricane comes our way. To my surprise, I only paid $3.25 a gallon. It was $3.45 a few days ago. I can't believe I'm excited about that price, but it will probably go up again if the hurricane gets into The Gulf of Mexico, so fill up today, especially if you live in Texas.

Jacob at work

Jacob, the Happy Safety Patrol Guy

He's not too happy with me taking his picture.

It actually is a hard job, just because of the heat. The first few days of school are the worst because every parent drives their kid to school. In a few days they will all be on the buses.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I was having lunch with one of the sisters I visit teach along with my companion. They were also complaining about all the paper work the schools sent home so I didn't feel so bad. The best part of our conversation was why anyone would move to Utah. My companion is from Utah so I was trying not to say too much. Then our sister said, "All the women in Utah look like the Primary President in the church videos." It made me laugh as I have had those stereotypes before. My poor companion her home state kind of got ripped on.

Surviving Day One

The kids survived the first day of school, but I have writer's cramp. The schools here always send home a big envelope full of papers to be signed. The two high school kids get multiple envelopes inside of the big one. They also have a rules sheet from each class that we both have to sign. Who reads all those signed papers. It took me forever to recheck all 4 of mine. The enrollment card is what gets me. You have to check it and make any changes. I make the same changes every year, so obviously they aren't getting read or they don't make the changes. I wonder if I write goofy, random stuff down if they would catch it. And if I have to write, Katy, TX on one more thing I may scream. District wide there are some Houston addresses, but campus wide it is Katy, if it's not than they don't belong at that school. At least my homework is done and the rest of the year it's the kids that have homework. Ha Ha

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Pictures

"I'm excited to be up at 5am--NOT!" "I'm not excited either, but I sure hope the guys are Hot this year!"

"Fruit Loops--The breakfast of champions"

"I'm as excited as Matthew, but I didn't have to get up as early"

I would have taken a picture of Dale going to work, but he was less excited than the kids.
I would have taken video of me doing the happy dance, but I'm all sweaty from running.
Happy Monday!

First Day of School

The kids go back to school today. Right now Matthew and Brittney are getting ready for Seminary. I think we always had a week of school before we had to go back to Seminary. Dale gave all of the kids a beautiful Father's Blessings last night. That is always my favorite part of sending them back to school is to hear the blessings Dale gives them. Dale gave Matthew's his first and Matthew gave him a big hug afterwards as did the rest of the kids after that. I'm grateful to have the Priesthood in our home and for my kids who respect it.
This will be an interesting school year as it is Matthew's Senior year and Jacob's last year in Elementary School. I just can't believe how fast they have grown up.
Jacob gets to start the day off being a Safety Patrol. I'll have to sneak up after school and try to get a picture of him in action. Matthew will be busy with football, at least for the first semester. Makenzie starts volleyball tryouts tomorrow for the 7th grade team. Brittney is trying out fot the basketball team, but is in the class right now. She also joined FBLA this year. They should all stay pretty busy with their studies and sports. Jacob is playing football right now and Makenzie is also doing soccer. She didn't get on the same team she has been with since we moved here so that will be interesting. With everyone gone all day I can sit and watch my soaps while eating Bon-bons. I'm actually waiting for them to leave so I can clean the house and have it stay clean more than 5 minutes. I at least need to clean it before my visiting teachers come this morning.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A bunch of random nothing

There is just a bunch of random stuff going on right now as the kids prepare to go back to school. We spent yesterday going back and forth between the Elementary and Jr. High Schools. I even had to take a salad to the Elementary School for a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon(Dale was wondering why they did it before school started, because we might not appreciate them this year). It will be nice to get back into a routine. Poor Dale stays up late because we do, but he still has to get up to go to work every morning. We should have an appreciation luncheon for him. We appreciate you Dale!!! We are in full swing with football for both boys. Matthew has his first scrimmage tomorrow night and Jacob has one Saturday morning. Matthew has been practicing for almost 2 weeks and Jacob for 3 weeks. I'm still a little tired from girls camp. Last night the friend I roomed with at camp brought the girls home from Mutual(Dad wasn't cool enough) and brought me a big diet coke(which Jacob drank) and they played American Idol. We got to talking and laughing again and it was after 11pm before she left. So much for us trying to get some sleep. Oh yeah, and our lawn needs to be mowed. I mowed it 2 weeks ago and it has done nothing but rain this week and last week Dale was out of town and Matthew had football. I'm waiting for the HOA to send us a letter. And for those who are wondering who vacuumed my carpet while I was gone(people have asked), Dale did, at least he did it the day before I came home. Dale does need an appreciation lunch!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank You Dale

When we lived in Midland, the Counselor at the Elementary School took turns having lunch with the students on Fridays. One Friday I was having lunch with Makenzie when it was her turn to be in the lunch group. The counselor always played games with them. This particular day she asked the kids who they thought loved them. To my surprise, she turned to me and asked me first. I said it was my husband. She asked me why I thought that. I said I knew by the way he treated me. She asked how he treated me. I said he treated me like I was the most important person and he always spoke kindly to me. I kind of got teary eyed on her as I responded and then apologized. Of course she said no apology was needed. I still feel that way. I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband Dale. I love you very much!! Thanks for 18 wonderful years.

I want to thank my Mother-in-law for calling my sister-in-law to get my phone number and my niece Jennifer for talking me into giving my number to a stranger.

And now

I had to throw those pictures in to gross Brittney out!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camp Hangover

If there is such a thing as a Girls Camp hangover, I think I have one. I have had a headache and have been dizzy all day. I guess I am getting too old to get only a few hours of sleep every night for a week. I was actually excited Friday night when I made it to bed at 2 am. As a leader we stayed up till the girls went to bed or at least settled down, partly because we wanted to keep track of them and partly because we didn't want them to do anything to us in our sleep. We had the best group of leaders, we would play pranks on the girls and stay up and laugh at our pranks and our crudeness. I also had a great time running around in my gorilla costume scaring the girls. The costume was hot, but worth it! I know, I need to grow up. I'm also tired because I have a bunch of Benadryl in my system. The bites that I thought were from mosquito's are actually from chiggers, and Benadryl doesn't cure that itch. I'm also tired from all the laundry. I had all of our camp clothes, bedding and towels and plus all the laundry from those at home. I think I've done 16 loads now. Maybe the laundry detergent is making me dizzy also. OK, maybe I'm always dizzy, but I'm still tired.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Survived

I'm home from a week in the great outdoors. It was one of the hottest camping trips I have ever been on. We had cabins with cots, but it was still hot at night. The first night no one slept because of the heat. It got a little better during the week since we got rain. I had a great time despite the heat, but was sure glad to get home and will be even happier to sleep in my own bed in A/C!!!

My favorite part of camp is a street sign as you enter the camp. Let me remind you this is a Girl Scouts of America Camp. I tried to get a picture a couple of years ago on a disposable camera, through a window, and it didn't turn out, but I made sure I got it this year.

As we left camp today I said,

"Now we leave the land of Dick Nunn and to a place where they have some"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ode to My Bed

Bye Bye to my bed and the nice cool air conditioning in my home, for tomorrow, bright and early, I will be at girls camp. I gave up A/C when I accepted to go with the 5th years, what the h*** was I thinking. I did find out there is an outlet in our cabin, for a fan and my Coleman fride. I don't have to keep my diet coke on ice and always wonder when I can get more ice. I'm such a wimp. I probably shame my family, who are big campers, but they get to camp in the mountains of Colorado, not the wooded areas of Houston. I will not have Internet up there, but will survive, but I can't say that about all those teenage girls, mainly my oldest daughter.
Think of me and pray I don't see any snakes and they don't see me!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Fun

I forgot I had a few pictures of us by the pool when Terri ad Kathryn were here.
The girls soaking up the sun
The guys hanging out
"Hi, it's me world"

Jacob thinks he is James Bond

The Belly Flop Queen

You too can hang out by the pool if you come and visit.

This message brought to you by The Smith Tourism Company of Katy Texas.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Remember When......

Remember when? Here is a fun little game...Leave a comment on my blog of a memory that you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a short time, or a long time, anything you remember! Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. On your mark... Get Set... Blog!


1) Four places that I go to over and over: Target, my back yard(the pool), the church, and the kid's schools

2) Four of my favorite places to eat: Pappasitos, Outback, Chipoltle, Subway

3) Four places I would rather be right now: in the pool, California, Colorado, in bed

4) Four TV shows I watch: Law and Order, The Office, The Tonight Show, The 10pm News

5) Four people to tag: Miqui, Erica, Michelle, Nathan

Copy & paste then put this in your blogs!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedding Bells

Happy Wedding Day to my niece Erin. She is getting married in the Denver Temple tonight. Wish I could be there!! And I think I'm stressed out, this is my sister's 2nd child getting married in the past few months.

Stressed out in Texas!

Most people are sleeping at 3 am, I usually am. I'm just unusually stressed out about Girls Camp next week. I'm the assistant Stake Camp Director so I mostly helped come up with a theme and helped get leaders into place, stuff that was between December and May. The day I was leaving for vacation, the Camp Director asked me if I would go up with the 5th year girls because there were so many and not enough adult leaders. I thought that would be fine. I guess I thought that all I was was an extra body until Sunday when the head 5th year leader hit me with many assignments, things that really should have been done by now. We had a mtg. Monday with all 3 adult leaders, had a mtg. Tuesday night with the girls. I'm going shopping for the food for the meals they have to prepare this morning with another leader. We are having another mtg. Friday night with the girls to work on the skit( I think we could do that at camp). Then, yes there is more, they are tie dying shirts Saturday. I can't go Saturday because our family is suppose to be in Austin in the afternoon. We can't leave until Jacob is done with football practice and Makenzie has a Show Choir rehearsal. This wouldn't be quite so bad if my kids didn't have their eye and dentist appointments this week. Matthew and Brittney also have to get their schedules, lockers, textbooks, novels for English classes and parking permits at the High school this week. We also have all 3 of Jacobs football practices plus the lovely Tropical Storm we had this week. I'm also trying to locate all the equipment we will need at camp. Luckily Dale has some of it, just not enough for 21 girls and 3 leaders. Next time I say yes to something I should see what all I have to do. I really don't think the Stake camp director expected me to be doing all of this. I still have to get up to Camp early Monday morning and check in all the 4th - 6th year girls as part of my Stake calling. I still have to pack my stuff and help my girls with their packing. Brittney won't need help since she is an old pro at camp, but it's Makenzie's 1st year. I have to have her packed a ready to go before I leave. She doesn't go up till Tuesday. I want to apologize now to my brother-in-law and his wife. They are coming Tuesday and staying the night and I'm not sure if I'll have clean sheets on the beds and freshly cleaned bathrooms for them as I just finished doing that twice this week since we had other company. I wish there were things I could do right now, but I think the rest of the family likes their sleep. I'm sure it will all be fun once I get to camp, but it's giving me a real headache right now.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Here comes the storm

Can you say Edouard? We can now as it is all over the news here. We have our 72 hour kits ready. We have plenty of water, good thing too since the store shelves were empty, but I did have to go buy some diet coke just in case. Depending on how strong the winds are we have to move all of our patio furniture and pool stuff and all loose objects in the garage. That will be fun. Dale had an out of town day trip and flies back in tonight. Hopefully the rain won't delay or postpone his flight. Back in 2001 he spent 2 days in the Houston airport because of a tropical storm. We had to postpone Brittney's baptism because he couldn't fly out.
At least we get a warning, unlike our family in California last week. And I'm really glad we don't have to evacuate like we did with hurricane Rita, that was a surreal moment in our life.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Black-mail Videos

My sister-in-law Terri and daughter Kathryn just left today. We had a nice visit with them. She viewed video from us playing American Idol at Tami an Kent's home in CA. She got a laugh out of Tami's video so I had to purchase the game for Terri to take a whack at it. Terri tried it last night and I got some of her on video without her knowing, she still doesn't know I have it. I can be bought off to publish them or not to publish them--any offers?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Knock them down

Today we went to Chipolte for lunch with my sister-in-law and her daughter. It was kind of crowded when we were walking toward the door and two girls ran to the door to get in front of our group of eight, when my sister-in-law said, "Knock them down so they don't get in front of us." She was just kidding, but those girls sure gave us a dirty look as they were in front of us in line. I had to stand outside for a minute and laugh.