Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Last Field Day

Jacob had his field day yesterday, our last one. Where does the time go. He participated in the 4x100 meter relay. that is is team of 4. He did a shorter relay and did hurdles relay and a noodle relay. It was a warm afternoon. He had an underarmour turtleneck under his shirt, but refused to take it off. I had a weird tan line from my short yesterday that I didn't notice till I put my running shorts on this morning, farmer's tan on my legs. He ad lots of fun with his friends. It's always a fun activity.

His friend Andrew

It was warm!!

His friend Sam

His friend Feji

Jacob and his best friend, Thomas

Hurdles...Why jump over them when everyone keeps getting in your way?

Whack that little football with a Katy Tiger on it. Go Cougars!!!

Exhausted after a long, hot field day.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Father-in-law

If I remember correctly, this is when Kathryn thought Grandpa
was Santa Clause because she saw the suit in the closet.

Hope you have a great day! We love and miss you.
Dale, Marti , Matthew, Brittney, Makenzie and Jacob

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Puppy

We have named our puppy Sammie. She is a lot of fun and very energetic. Peach still isn't too sure about her yet. I'm sure in time they will be best buds. Sitting like a lady with her paws crossed

She likes underneath the chairs

She already likes to play frisbee

I like to chase my own tail. I also like to pull on Peach's tail.

The stand-off

Look at me...I can get to the top , but can't get down.

This is where Peach sleeps. Peach just stand on the stairs and stares at Sammie while she chews on her bed mat.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our New Puppy

Dale, while on his way to meetings at the church this morning saw some puppy's for sale at a house by the church. After church, he and Matthew stopped to look. After dinner, Dale, Jacob and I went back and yes, we got a puppy. It is a girl Border Collie. We haven't named her yet. We thought we'd get to know her a little bit before we name her.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Spirit Days Banned

The high school has, rather had spirit days where there was a theme that they could dress up, for example, they could dress up like pirates and I can't exactly remember the saying, but we all did this in high school. Because people were not staying within the dress code while dressing up, they have banned this. I hate it when a few people spoil it for everyone! Anyways, when you get a dress code violation, you get to were a yellow shirt if your shirt is inappropriate, and gray sweat pants if your bottoms are inappropriate and both if you are really inappropriate. Since theme days were banned the students started their own theme days. Yesterday was "dress code the Rams", we are playing the Rams in football tonight. You were to dress up in a yellow shirt and gray sweat pants. The message was spread through facebook and texting, ect... Well my kids were excited until they heard that the dance team instructor's said not to participate since it was undermining authority. Brittney decided not to rock the boat with the basketball coaches as did Matthew with the football coaches. When they got to school, all 3 of the security officers(school police w/out guns) were in sweat pants and yellow shirts and one of the Assistant Principal's was handing out yellow shirts for kids to borrow. So much for undermining authority. I thought it was a great idea and hey, they were all within the dress code!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes, We Live and Breathe Sports

It was a really good sports week for the Smith family. The most recent good news is that Brittney made the JV Girls Basketball team. Go Britt!!
On Saturday we had 3 different events. We really had 4 but Makenzie couldn't be 2 places at once. Jacob had his football game. They won and he had 2 touchdowns, 1 interception and caused a fumble. I didn't get any pictures since I was at Makenzie's volleyball tournament. Makenzie's team won the tournament and was undefeated. She played really well. She was suppose to have a soccer game, but it was during the tournament. Matthew's team had their game that night and they won, but even more exciting he got to play. He played in 3 different series. They scored in his 2nd series. He had a 20 yard run that set up the touchdown. His 3rd series was to take a knee to run the clock down. You can watch his run on the highlight video at There is also a link to it on the right side of my blog. Once at the sight go down to Week 7 Morton Ranch and click Post Game. Once there go to Media and click Video Highlights. He is at the very end and is #18(white Jersey). He was pretty excited as were we. Even though BYU and the Bronco's lost(got crushed), we are very happy for our OWN teams!!
Go Smith kids!!

Matthew is #18
Matthew's 20 yard run
Matthew at the left celebrating the touchdown!
Matthew during the National Anthem
Makenzie serving
Makenzie ready for the kill!
Makenzie's team with their ribbons and championship plaque.
Makenzie is the last one on the right on the back row next to the Coach.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is for Nathan

Matthew wanted me to share his shirt with his cousin Nathan.
Sorry to the rest of my readers!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Cake and Song

I'm sure glad our kids have athletic talent, because they sure can't sing! I was trying to get them to sing it faster so we didn't have a cake full of wax, and we wouldn't have to listen to them any longer than necessary.

Our favorite place to eat is Pappasito's. On your birthday they put a sombrero on you and they sing. Dale was gone until 8pm and the kids had sports so we improvised. Matthew and Brittney tried to sing in Spanish.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

See Previous Post

This picture was suppose to be in the post below. I don't know why it didn't show up. I guess it was too hot and needed its very own post. Happy Birthday again to my HOT husband!

Happy B-day Dale

Happy Birthday Dale

What a cutie!!

He still likes to sleep in church


More Hair!!Even more hair...on his face and back!!! Happy Birthday Dale!! I love you lots!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When Family Comes

We have had a fun week with our visiting family. Dale's parents arrived on Thursday. This was just in time for grandparents day at the Elementary School on Friday. Dale, his parents and I had lunch with Jacob on Friday.

Friday night Dale's nephew, Tyson, along with his wife Kristina and daughter Alissa came in from Austin. And the fun began.

Saturday morning we went to Makenzie's 8am soccer game, which they won. We came home and got everyone together and went to Jacob's football game at noon. Matthew, Tyson and Kristina came a little bit late so they could watch some of the Texas/OU game. While at Jacob's game we saw Robert Horry, former San Antonio Spur. His son was playing on the field next to Jacob's. I was being sneaky trying to take his picture.My father-in-law just asked him and he let him take his picture. Jacob's team won. Jacob also had 2 touchdowns. We all went out to eat afterwards. We came home, except for Matthew who had to go to the High School to get ready for his game. Half of our crew came home and took a nap. We all went to Matthew's game. It was Senior Night. Before the game they introduced the players and their parents and we walked out on the field together. I got a rose with a note attached from Matthew and Dale got a little football with a message written on it from Matthew. It's hard to believe he is a Senior. The time has gone by way too fast. Matthew's team won. He didn't get to play. He strapped up his helmet to go in at the very end, but we never got the ball back. That was a bummer. Tyson, Kristina and Alissa left for home after the game. It was sure fun to have them and their little Alissa is the cutest thing and a good baby. She went to all 3 games and was so happy and never cried.

Sunday we went to church. Brittney had to give a talk, better her than me. She did a great job! We came home and BBQ fajitas. We have church so late there wasn't much time for anything else before going to bed.

Monday the kids went back to school. Tuesday Dale's Parents left. It was fun to visit with family!
Lunch at Jacob's school

Jacob with Grandpa and Grandma Smith Makenzie, the green goalie
I think she is boredWatchin' some soccer Watchin' some football
Jacob running for a touchdown!
Cute butt, Smith
My picture of Robert Horry
Grandpa's picture of Robert Horry...Ya just have to ask
Tyson, Matthew and Grandpa at Jacob's game Resting up

More resting up

Dale, Matthew and Marti

Go #18Tyson, Alissa, Marti, Dale, Grandpa, and Grandma