Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

We usually ring in the new year by heating up the hot tub and jumping in, but this year the heater is broken and we thought it would be fixed by then, but it wasn't. We tried to get tickets to the Rockets game, we wanted good seats and wanted all 6 together, that didn't work out either. We did build a fire and roasted marshmallows and make s'mores. Dale went and bought some good fireworks for us to shoot off. The people down in the street always shoot off nice fireworks, so we got to watch theirs also.I did get tired of the people across the street who lit fire crackers from 9-11 pm, they didn't even shoot any off at midnight. Poor Sammie does not like fireworks, they didn't bother Charlie at all.

Sammie hanging out in the garage

Getting loves from Sammie
Roasted marshmallow perfection

Sammie came out of the garage

Sammie tried to escape, the fireworks really do scare her!

Brittney, sparklers are suppose to be used outside, not inside!
Sparklers are fun

I still enjoy a sparkler

Jacob just got home from Thomas's house.

Marti got run over by a reindeer , shooting off fireworks on New Year's Eve

We had a wonder 2013 and look forward to all that 2014 brings our family. We are truly blessed!
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

College Station trip

Went to College Station on Monday the 30th, not for a college visit, but to watch Jacob play basketball. We like playing there because it gives us an excuse to eat at Rosa"s Cafe and Tortilla Factory, one of our favorite place to eat when we lived in San Angelo and Midland. Makenzie had practice that morning, but she drove up there and caught the end of the Varsity game just so she could go eat with us. It was a good day, Jacob won,we got Rosa's and we even stopped at a new Buc-ees on the way home.

Hit a 3

Got a steal...

...and took it in for a lay-up

Hit a 3 with a second left in the half

Got the win!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gulf Coast Classic Dec. 27-28

Makenzie had a basketball tournament over the Christmas break. Jacob also had a game on the Saturday Makenzie was playing. Luckily Makenzie's ankle was feeling better. Makenzie's team went 2-2 in the tournament. On Friday they won their first game and lost their second and Saturday did the same, won the first, lost the second. Jacob's team won on Saturday.On Friday the whole family went to watch. The boys weren't too excited to drive over an hour to spend the day watching girls basketball. Matthew said, "Makenzie better play if we came this far." Luckily she got to play!
Pictures from Makenzie's tournament:
Friday game One:

Game two:

The boys watching the game

Saturday games:

we got the win

Game two on Saturday: