Sunday, March 22, 2009

Church Funnies

Here are a few funnies from church today.

1. Brittney had to speak. haha
That's funny in itself but it was also funny watching here doze off on the stand. She had to babysit till 1 am so she was bit tired.
2. The next speaker made the comment that we needed to "increase family unity". Jacob's eyes got real big and he asked Matthew and I why she said that. He thought she said "increase family nudity".
3. They were playing a fishing game in Primary. There were 2 fish bowls and the kids got to come up and catch a fish and read what was on the back and decide which bowl it belonged in. They weren't all fish, there was a dolphin, octopus, turtle and other fish. One bowl only had the dolphin in it. The next fish belonged in the bowl the dolphin was in and a little child said, "don't put the fish in there, the dolphin will eat it". They assured the child they were pretend and the dolphin wouldn't eat it.
4. Another child was asked what he liked about his dad. He rattled off a few things, then said his dad's wedgies really hurt!
5. There was a picture displayed of a family taking the sacrament. The chorister was talking about the picture and said it was like our families today taking the sacrament together. A small child said it wasn't his family because they weren't all there yet.
6. This one is for the Smith side of the family and let me say I love my mother-in-law. Jacob was asked the question, "What is something you share with your grandma"? Jacob's answer was the remote control. The leader said your grandma shares the remote, he said no that's why I have to share it. We love you Grandma Smith


needlenut said...

Go, Jacob. You got it right. We love you too.

grandma/mom said...

this is hilarious. Our Primary wasn't nearly as exciting.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

I might accept a calling to the Primary in your ward.

Marti said...

I just play the piano and laugh at the comments and go home. Greatest calling ever!