Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Travel Log and a Funny Video

Well, we are back from vacation, dropping Matthew off at BYU or whatever you want to call it. We stayed real busy and had fun, except for leaving Matthew in another state. I'm sure most of you have seen the pictures on facebook, but not everyone has a facebook yet so I'm going to post a long travel log of our adventures. I took over 400 pictures, so it was hard to narrow it down. There is also a video which I didn't post on facebook, when you see it you'll know why.

Matthew's truck passing us

Love this sign by the playground at a rest stop

Eating at Rosa's Cafe in Amarillo. This was our favorite place to eat in Midland.

Still eating. I think Dale is full!

Outside the hotel in Dumas, TX

We have arrived at my niece Jyl's house

Matthew, Evan, Jacob and Eli
Notice Evan's Nugget Jersey. He now wants a Rockets backpack since Matthew is a Rockets fan.

Dinner at my nephew Nathan's house.

Nathan's daughter Avery

The history behind this video.
Matthew had just gotten an email from his Bishop at BYU. He was asked to send a picture of himself. My nephew Nathan said to send a picture that showed he would not be a good choice for Elder's Quorum President. They searched through Matthew's pictures and then they thought of sending a picture of Nathan in a speedo at his sister's beach wedding reception. Then out came the speedo and Matthew was talked into putting it on. We were all laughing so hard, well, maybe Dale didn't find it as funny as we did. The best comment was from my 2 year old great niece when she said, "Mommy, he doesn't have any clothes on."

Stopped on top of Vail Pass while on the way to Utah.

Mt hubby keeping me warm

First full day in Utah, Jacob, Dale,Dale's brother Dave and Matthew played some golf.
Here Jacob is looking so cool.

Nice swing Dave!

Dale's turn..Watch out!

After golf, we went with Dale's brother Dave and his wife Lori up to Crystal Lake for a hike and we found snow! That was cheap entertainment for us Texas folk.

Let's nail Matthew with snowballs

My sweetheart!



Dale, Matthew, Dave and Jacob

It's cute even though they are teenagers

Group hug

After the hike we went back down the canyon and met up with other's from Dale's family and had a fire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. It was fun to have a fire to keep us warm, not just to cook on.


Kids roasting the hot dogs

Our kids along with Dale's sister, Becky

Food and good company

The next day it was off to BYU.
Matthew with his roommate Andrew as they arrive for check-in and orientation

The kids and I
Moving into the dorms

Matthew at his desk

After we moved the boys into the dorms, we went to Dale's Aunts house for dinner.
Here Dale is with his cousin's daughter's. Looks like a tea party.

Matthew in front of his dorm the day after staying there. Must not have been too bad, he's still smiling.
Saying goodbye to his siblings

Saying goodbye to us. That was hard!

Later that night we went bowling with some family

Dave and Jacob

Jacob, Makenzie, Brittney and Lori

Tyler, Ashlee and Dave

The next day we headed back to Colorado.
It was Father's Day so Dale got to open his gifts in the car at a rest stop.

Still driving in the car

In Colorado!
We stopped in Glenwood Springs to visit with Dale's siter Kae and her fiance Andy. I forgot to take a picture of them. Congratulations on their upcoming wedding!
The first full day in Colrado we went to the movies.
The next day we went to Water World with my niece Jyl and 2 of her boys.
Brittney and Jyl
Adrian, Jacob and Makenzie enjoying Pizza for lunch
Later the sky got real dark and it got windy and cold and it started to rain and hail
Brittney, Jyl and Makenzie taking shelter from the storm

At least we were close to the tornado shelter!

The next day we went to visit my niece, Kami at her salon. We all got haircuts, except Dale. Makenzie got almost 12 inches whacked off which she donated to Locks of Love.
Makenzie's new do :)

After the haircuts, we went to visit Colorado School of Mines, Dale's college stomping grounds.
We must get a picture of the "M"!

"M" is that for Marti?

Later that night we had a family dinner at my parents house. We also celebrated my dad's 78th birthday!

Some great nephew's eating and laughing

Singing Happy birthday to my dad!
I finshed vacation off by mowing my parents yard.
It was fun to get to visit so many family members, but hard to leave one of my own behind.