Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Calling

Dale was called to be the Second Counselor in the Bishopric today and was also ordained a High Priest. It was a wonderful Fast and Testimony Meeting as the counselor that was released bore his testimony and then Dale did and took the stand. There was a very strong spirit in the meeting. It was neat to look up at the stand and see our Stake Presidency and Bishopric, all wonderful men! We have known our Stake President, President Morris,  ever since we lived in Katy the first time, so about 22 years, he also was our bishop when we moved back to Katy.The First Counselor in the Stake is President Shurtz, he is one who gave me a blessing in Nauvoo when I found out my dad was dying, the blessing he gave me got me through a very tough time. The Second Counselor in the stake is President Bauer, he was also our Bishop at one time. President Bauer is the one who ordained Dale and set him apart. We were sad that Dale's dad was not able to travel to do the ordination, but glad that President Bauer could do it as he and Dale are good friends. I am glad all the kids were home for this event. I know Dale will serve diligently in this calling. I am blessed to have such a worthy priesthood holder in our home and to be my husband and father to our children.
Looks like the airplane building will take a little longer than expected.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sprint for Life

The girls and I got up early and headed downtown to participate in the Sprint for Life 5K in honor of our friend Tiffany Janis who passed away from cancer on January 1st. We had a big group that came out in her honor.

The whole group

Those of us who are going to run and not walk

Just finished

Makenzie finishing 

Makenzie and I put tootsie roll wrappers in our shoes to remind us of my dad.

Just waiting for Brittney to finish

Still waiting

And her comes Brittney to the finish line

My good friends Sarah and Melanie

My friend Victoria who has moved to Dallas, but came down for the run.

Sometimes I accidentally take pictures

Melanie and I got a Red Bull

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Headed home

Left Colorado for the long drive home. We had 2 cars and luckily we had 2 drivers for each car. We made good time, we didn't hit any bad weather, traffic jams or construction. We stopped in Amarillo to eat at Rosas Cafe, a tradition. We made it home in 17 hours with stops.

Bye bye Colorado

How much longer?

The seatbelt left a mark on my face when I was napping

Monday, April 27, 2015

One more day in Denver

We spent the day with my niece, Jyl. We went to lunch at Chipotle and then the girls went to a movie and the guys went to play golf. That night we went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Makenzie's 19th birthday.

See Dale, you're not the only one who can fly a plane

Jyl and I having a snack after the movie.
Who needs plates? Not us!

Dinner to celebrate Makenzie's birthday with Jyl and Nathan's families.

Birthday treat

Staying warm by the fire outside of the restaurant 

This is why we were by the fire!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Family BBQ

Sunday morning, we got up and visited a few hours with my mom and then headed south to my nieces and nephew's homes where we all gathered that evening for a BBQ, we also celebrated, Brittney's graduation, Makenzie, Adrian and Ethan's birthdays. We had a big turn out and a we appreciate Nicole and Nathan opening their home up to everyone.

Mom and my nephew Nathan

We told Isaac if he concentrated enough he could open his can with his mind.
While his eyes were closed we opened it and he opened his eyes and said "cool"

Dale wearing his BYU shirt

Avery and Emersyn, my great nieces 

Trying to slice lemons

Making lemonade

Brittney and Grandma Brink
My mom does better duck lips than me

Thad, Erin, Greg, Carol, Becky, Jerry and little Timmy

Mallory, Lindsey, Brittney and Nicole

Megan and Brandon, my niece and nephew aka my sister Becky's kids

Christen, Brandon's wife


Brittney with some baby time

My niece Lindsey and her daughter Mallory

Part of the Brink Clan

My niece Jyl and nephew Brandon and Tom, Jyl's husband

My niece Jessica and her husband and son Evan and my niece Amanda and her daughter Haley

My brother-in-law Thad and Dale holding the babies

My nephew Kyle

My mom and sister Becky with the babies

Me with my brother Jerry and my sister Becky