Sunday, November 30, 2008

Proud of Matthew On and Off the Field

All good things must come to an end. Matthew's football is officially over. They lost 21-24 this Friday night. They lost to a team who is ranked 7th in the nation and 2nd in state so his team can hold their heads high.

Matthew didn't get a lot of playing time but was still a leader on and off the field. He earned 6 recognition jerseys through out the season and was on the Senior Leadership Council for the team. He has been nominated for the Academic All District Team of which we are very proud of. One night he went to a player's house and he ended up at our house with a few guys from his team. When asked why he didn't go to that guys house he said he did and they were going to a party that he didn't think would have a good atmosphere and brought some of the players to our house instead. What a good leader he is!

We love you and are proud of you Matthew!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

There are so many things for me to be thankful for I don't even know where to begin. I am truly thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am far from perfect and am thankful that I can repent and be forgiven on a daily basis. I am thankful for my husband, Dale, who is truly the love of my life. He puts up with me and loves me no matter what.He is a great provider to our family and is a great father and a righteous example to our children. He carries a lot of burdens as he takes care of our family. I'm grateful for our kids and that they are are healthy and happy. They bring so much happiness to my life. I'm grateful to good parents who love me and my brothers and sisters who I love. I'm grateful to Dale's parents for raising such a wonderful man and to his family for the love a support they give to us. I'm grateful to live in this country and to have all the freedoms I enjoy each day. These are just a few things I am grateful for on a daily basis. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Be Aware(Beware) of Dads

A conversation at Brittney's basketball game Monday night(she played a whole 30 seconds and the coach pulled her because she was still limping):

Boy in the stands: "I love you Blair"
Blair's Dad to him as he was walking past: "I love her too"
Boy in the stands: "Oops!!"

Moral: Be aware of your surroundings before yelling stuff out.

Probably a good thing it wasn't Brittney's name or the kid would be walking with a limp today.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Go Lady Cougs!!

Brittney's basketball team was in a JV Tournament Thursday - Saturday and they won first place. She didn't get to play because her ankle still looks like this:

She has been cleared by the trainer to play, but she still limps a little bit and the coach doesn't want her to further her injury and she hasn't practiced in a week and a half. She was a great water girl, always ready with her teammates water when they came off the floor.
Brittney is just to the right of the girl wit the plaque.

Who's House? Cougs House!!!!

I Don't Like to be Cold

I've been accused by some of my family as being a "Texas Wimp" because I can't handle cold weather anymore. Yes, I have become accustomed to warmer winters and get cold very easily. In my defense though, I really don't have any cold weather clothes any more. I think I have donated every coat I owned to coat drives because you don't need them to often here. Here are a few pictures of us trying to stay warm at Matthew's football game Friday night. I was so layered I looked like the Michelin Tire guy. Matthew only go to go in for two plays, one on the kick off team and only one play as QB. He actually got to be on the kick off team last week and I missed it because I was in the Ladies room. I missed him getting jacked by some big guy. Probably a good thing I missed that.

Jacob doing the wig out we won head move
Matthew(#18) on kick off team.

By the way they won. On to the 3rd round of the playoffs!

Go Cougars!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Puppy Video's

Doggie Tug-0f War

Peach belly rub and jumping Sammie

Fetch that toy!

By the way, Matthew's highlights are up on

Go #18

Sports Week in Review

It was a busy sports weekend and week since there are practices. Just so you know sports isn't all we care about, the kids got report card this week and they all had straight "A's", except for one "B" Matthew got in an AP class. This week started out with Brittney spraining her ankle as I said in a previous blog. She is off crutches and putting weight on it. Hopefully she will be back playing by the end of the week.

Saturday morning started with an 8am soccer game. Makenzie's last regular season game. Their team won 1st place in their age group. They got trophies at the end of the game.Here is their team picture with the trophies. Makenzie is in the front left with the black and gray goalie shirt, and yes she has shorts underneath that shirt. Also Makenzie made the Jr High Basketball team.

Makenzie getting her trophy from the coach.
Next stop on Saturday was Jacob's game at 1pm. It was cold and windy. This was a playoff game and they lost, so no more football for him. These pictures are actually from last weeks game since I was too cold to take pictures. Even though they lost Jacob played well and had a nice catch that he had to out jump 3 tall defenders to catch. Jacob will start basketball here in a few weeks. Dale is his coach.

Jacob as quarterback

The final stop was Matthew's game. This game was round 1 in the playoffs. They won and Matthew got to play. He even got his passing stats in the newspaper. He didn't play till the very end and he did a good job of moving the ball down the field and when they got to the 20 yd line they took him out and put the JV Quarterback in. I was mad. When Matthew got home I asked him if that made him mad and he said no because they wanted to run the clock out and not run up the score on the other team. This required taking a few knee's and all of our plays are run from the shotgun. Every time you take a knee it's -5 yds off your rushing stats. Matthew learned that the hard way one game, so they let the JV QB take the minus yards. Below is the clipping from the Houston Chronicle. I tried to highlight passing Matthew's stats.

Look at that big smile on Matthew(18). I took it from a distance with my little camera.
They don't have the pictures and highlights of this game up yet, but they should be up soon on, the link is located on the right side of my blog. This game was the Alief Taylor game.

By Popular Demand... Puppy Pictures

Sammie resting in the garage door
Sammie likes ice. I was emptying all my ice containers from my deep freeze since hurricane season is over

I was hoping her tongue wouldn't stick to the ice. It didn't

Sammie likes to do everything Peach does

Sammie waiting by the gate for the kids to get home from school

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Curse of the Camera

Brittney had her first basketball game last night, she had a scrimmage last week. It all started off well and she was getting some playing time so I just had to take some pictures. As I had said in a previous post that my kids think the camera and video camera are a jinx. There might be something to that. Early in the 3rd quarter Brittney went down with an ankle injury. The trainer said it was a sprained Achilles, but when I took off her compression sleeve, so she could shower, her ankle was the size of an orange. She went in early this morning to the trainer for treatment and he said it was a sprained ankle. Hopefully she will recover quickly. She is still in pre-season play and districts won't start till January. What a bummer!! Dale has yet to see her play as he got there just after the injury.


Checking into the game
Ready for the steal

Get the rebound

Box out!

Injury's...This says it all

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Did someone say, "District Champs"

Matthew's High School Football Team finally did it. Did what you ask. They beat the Katy Tiger's. Our school is 10 years old and has faced this team 8 time without success. Last year this team was the Texas 5-A State Champions(something this team is accustomed to). Not only did we beat them we won the District 17 5-A Championship!! Go Cougars....To State Playoffs we go.
We started yesterday off with a tailgate party in the morning and the game started at noon. We jumped off to a 14-0 lead which they quickly caught up to us. We were able to score another touchdown before halftime and went in with a lead of 21-14. After halftime, Katy came out and score right away 21-21 now. It was a defensive game from there on out. It remained tied at the end of regulation play...on to over time. We won the coin toss and elected to get the ball second. Overtime in high school is like college, you get the ball on the 25.
Katy threw an interception, so it was our turn on the 25.
On 3rd down we threw a touchdown pass for a 27-21 win!!
This is OUR YEAR!!!!

Brittney decorated the burb

The tail gate menu. You got to love this!

Jacob and I at the party

Final score! We are Home.
The team with their District Champs sign

Matthew #18 in the victory Alma Mater Line

Makenzie spreading the news to friends

Matthew strutting off the field(in all white, he took his jersey off?)

Brittney... Cougars are #1

Matthew's supportive sister's

Our Fans... Go Cougars!!!!
A packed house

The team's Victory Dance

Friday, November 7, 2008

7A Volleyball District Champions!!!

Makenzie's Volleyball team won the District Championship last night. They won in 2 sets and Makenzie played the whole time. She had a great year and won player of the game twice. I didn't take any pictures or video during the actual game, since my kids think that it jinx's them. These are after the game shots. We are proud of how hard you play Makenzie!!!

Makenzie's Team.... They are all pretty happy :)

Makenzie with her supportive sister, Brittney. I actually took another picture of them with Brittney standing on her tippie toes so she would be taller than Makenzie.

After the game handshake with the other team.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Surprise in a Magazine

I was reading a magazine while waiting for an oil change and found a picture of Matthew, ok a partial picture of him. I believe it was taken at the Alamodome game. I came home and pulled up the online version to get the picture. I thought it was very nice of me not to take the magazine or tear the page out! Matthew is #18(just in case you don't know that by now). He is the farthest on the left behind the volleyball picture. Matthew will like this since it has girls in their volleyball shorts in the picture!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Silly Boys!

This is Jacob and his friend, Thomas, at the football game Friday night. Somebody else took this picture and Thomas's mom just happen to find it. You might have seen them in these wigs in a previous post. Since it was Halloween, they were basically, Thing1 and Thing2 from Dr. Seuss. They were sitting by Thomas's parents and his mom could hear them giggling in a way that could only mean they were up to something. As Thomas's mom looked closer, they were trying to get her hair pic to stick out of the wigs and it wouldn't stay in. I guess they were trying to go for the retro-fro look.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Scare!!

Last night for Halloween we went to a scary movie, no actually we lived through a nightmare. We let a really bad football team almost beat us last night. We had 7, yes 7 turnovers that gave the other team the ball on our 30 yard line or less. We tried to let them win.
Since we were at the game we weren't home for trick or treater's, so we left this empty bowl on our porch.