Friday, March 6, 2009

Sports Update

In case you were wondering, Jacob's team lost, 37-32. Jacob and Dale were a little bit bummed. Jacob was actually really bummed!!! Brittney kept Makenzie and I informed of the score by text messages. It would be tied and the other team would make a basket. My stomach was in knots and I wasn't even there. Jacob had a good game and that's all you can ask!!

Makenzie was having an off night in shotput. She ended up 5th out of 24 so that's not bad at all. Her 3rd throw would have won 1st if she had kept it in bounds. It landed about a 1/2 inch out of the cone, but it was a great throw. Her coach felt so bad for her, but told her she did great and that she did her best, and to be proud of herself. I love coaches like that. I was even more impressed by her peers. They would come up and ask her how she did and then they tell her that it was still good and that she will get it in the next meet because she is so good, and give her a hug. Junior High can be cruel, but it was nice to see girls cheering each other on, even if they were in the same event. In fact, one of Makenzie's friends got 2nd in the shotput and Makenzie was really happy for her. I just wanted to let people know that there are still nice teenagers out there and I'm happy that Makenzie knows them!

Up next, soccer. Makenzie and Jacob both have their first games on Saturday. Matthew is in Macho Men Volleyball. It is a team coached by two girls from the Varsity Volleyball team. They start having games next week. That should be interesting.


Mayor of CrazyTown said...

What do you feed your kids so that they have so much energy to run around like they do? It makes me tired just thinking about all they do. I'm impressed that you keep up.

Marti said...

Dr Pepper and diet coke for me