Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day at Sea World

Yesterday Jacob, Brittney, her friend Chantel and myself went to SeaWorld in San Antonio. Jacob had to ride a charter bus with all the 5th graders so he had to be at the school at 6:15 am. The buses left at 6:45. We drove up in our own vehicle. Here is our trip:

There goes one of the buses

We stopped at Buc-ee's for a bathroom and drink break.

Jacob actually looks excited to be in choir. Probably because this was his last concert and he didn't have to wear his choir shirt.

Yay!!! SeaWorld tickets

He won these at the basketball shootout
The dry Splash Down

Jacob and all his prizes. He won the big longhorn in the football throw. He also got a Dallas Cowboys football(the only ones they had). He's not a Dallas fan!!!

Jacob and his prize

Me with Jacob and Brittney

What is a SeaWorld trip without a picture of Shamu
Jacob on the Jumbo Tron. He is on the bottom right. This was taken right before he got splashed, I mean soaked by Shamu.

A little wet!

Chantel, Brittney and Jacob in the Shamu Stadium

We love Shamu

Where in the SeaWorld is Brittney?
Brittney and Chantel were having a blast in the Shamu Store. I was laughing so hard and afraid they were going to kick us out, but no one said a word to them.

Mom: The one to hold all their stuff

On the Rio Loco

Are you guys wet?
Get a Bathroom
We love SeaWorld
All good things must come to an end. Bye-bye SeaWorld


Goose said...

hahaha. The picture of Jacob "peeing" into the fountain is awesome!

Marti said...

When I saw the fountain I couldn't resist