Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring Game

Jacob had his Spring Football game in the late afternoon and it was hot and humid and I wasn't on the turf field in pads and uniform. Jacob was #4 on defense. The Maroon team was defense and the White team was offense. Jacob is defense and they won! They got points for stops, interceptions, sacks, etc. They scored over 100 points, but the scoreboard only has two digit places.

Jacob's almost interception. At least he broke up the pass

This was the score with 6:33 left in the game. The offense never got past 39.

Yard before Puppy

After I mowed the yard, Dale said I should take a picture of it because after Charlie starts digging, which she has and has tried to prune the rose bushes, it may not look this way for awhile.
This is a pic I took as soon as I came out and my lens fogged up. 

A pic with a non fogged up lens

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet Charlie

We have a new puppy thanks to my friend Cindy(Yannette, blame her not me). My friend Cindy posted this picture on Instagram last week.

This is the conversation that took place:

 So after this conversation,Cindy calls me the next day from Tyler, Texas where she is with her daughter who is in a horse show. She asked if I was serious because they were going fast. I said yes, she then asked if we wanted a girl or boy. I said girl. There were only two girls left out of 4 and there were 12 puppies all together!!! She sent me this picture of the 2 girls.
 We all wanted the tan one. They were both cute, so it was hard to decide. They were 6 weeks old in this picture and the owner wanted to wait until they were 8 weeks to let them go. Cindy said she would be up there next week if she could take it at 7 weeks and she agreed. Thanks to my friend Cindy we got a free, cute puppy that even had it's first shots since the owners fiancee is a Vet.

Meet our new little girl Charlie.
Meeting Charlie at midnight

Sammie checking Charlie out

Makenzie time with Charlie

Jacob time with Charlie

And Dale time with Charlie

At about 2 am it was bedtime. We used Makenzie's Physic's boat for her bed.
She slept in it Saturday and part of  Sunday nights. She kept jumping out of it early Monday morning.

Charlie thinks Sammie's tail is a chew toy. Sammie has been very patient with her!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Fun

We didn't do too much. We thought about inviting people over for a BBQ but didn't know how the Charlie, the new puppy would react, she would have been fine, but we didn't know that yet. Dale worked on his airplane, I did some laundry, Makenzie did some studying and Jacob did have a friend over in the afternoon. When Jacob's friend, Austin, showed up to swim it was raining, but Austin said his dad would make it stop. Austin's dad is one of the high school football coaches and he has the nickname Zeus, because people think he controls the weather. Zeus was right because the rain stopped. The boys had fun playing in the pool and with the dogs and then Dale barbecued. Pretty low key!
Here comes the rain

Austin and Sammie

Jacob and Charlie

Charlie likes the string on Austin's swim trunks

Sammie fetching her toy

Charlie playing with a splash ball

Friday, May 24, 2013

Seminary Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Each year they have a breakfast at Seminary where they can invite their favorite school teacher. This year I helped set up, serve and clean up, so i got pictures. Jacob invited Coach Hayes, his English Teacher. Makenzie invited Mr Garner, her AP Statistics teacher, she also invited Mrs. Manuel, her Physics teacher, but someone else also invited her. Know these teachers know why they are always so sleepy. It was a very nice breakfast. They started off by singing, I Am A Child of God, had a prayer, then ate. They also got to take their teacher up front and introduce them and say why they liked them. Then some of the kids, including Makenzie sang Each Life That Touches Ours For Good, I think i saw a few teachers tear up.It is a nice tradition that we have and hope it never ends!

Coach Hayes and Jacob

Jacob introducing Coach Hayes. He said something like, I've never liked English but Coach Hayes makes it fun.
Matthew and Brittney do you see Mr Eaton?? He came up to me afterwards and gave me a hug and asked about you two and told me to tell you 'Hi". Mr Eaton was Matthew and Brittney's AP Calculus teacher and has been to this breakfast before.

Makenzie introducing Mr. Garner 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Track Banquet

Makenzie's Track Banquet
Makenzie and her friends

This awesome cake that no one ate. I think people were afraid to mess it up.

The Varsity Girls Team

Coach Fincher and Makenzie
Coach Fincher was the shot and discus coach

Don't know what they put in our food, but we got a little crazy with the cougar statue after the banquet