Monday, November 30, 2009


Here are a few random things from the pasts few weeks:

Saturday I was at the High School football game and I received a text from Matthew. He told me that BYU had vintage uniforms on. I jokingly text him back and asked if they were from 1984(that was the year they won the National Championship and I was also there). He text me back and said, "yep". I really didn't think that the 80's would be "vintage". Next time BYU calls and wants money I will tell them I'm too vintage to donate and find someone younger.

The night before Thanksgiving I was making the pumpkin pie. I had to make it in our roaster oven since my regular ovens are not working. As I raised the pie out of the oven on the roasting rack, the hot pie slide off the rack and hit the floor. The bad thing was that the pie plate was glass. Dale heard the crash from upstairs and asked what happened. He came down to see the mess and I was about to have him go get my camera so I could take a picture of the destroyed pie, but soon saw that I was bleeding all over the floor. As I fixed all my cuts, Dale got out the shop vac and cleaned up the mess and then I mopped. It was hard coming into the house and smelling the pie, but knowing there wasn't one. Late Thursday morning I was drying my hair and Dale came into the bathroom and told me we had a pie. My friend Karen shared her extra one with our family. It was no big deal to not have a pie, but it should made me thankful for such thoughtful friends! Our family truly appreciated the thought.

This next picture is for my brother Jerry. He is a high school basketball ref in Colorado.

Jerry, when you look like this, please, please, please hang up your whistle. We have had this guy ref Makenzie's Jr. High games and sometimes he's paired with the second oldest ref in the area. This poor guy can't remember what number he called the foul on or even what he called sometimes. He's probably a really nice man, but a little forgetful for a ref and should not be reffing at the High School level.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Football With the Big Boys

This year Jacob got to play with the adults in the Annual Ward Turkey Bowl. He held his own with all those big boys!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What We Do So We Can Feast

The girls and I spent Thanksgiving morning running a 5K in the local Turkey Dash along with 3000 other people. It was a lot of fun. The weather was nice for running, it was about 45 degrees at race time under clear blue skies.

The girls before the race. They look so excited to be up so early!

Before the race

Photo op with Mr. Turkey

The crowds running
Dale dropped Jacob off to play football and I was pleasantly surprised to see him taking pictures of us.

Here comes Brittney

Me waving at Dale

Here comes Makenzie

Yay! I finished!
Yay! I beat Brittney!

Makenzie almost to the finish line

Makenzie is making her way to the finish line

My girls

Makenzie and I
Brittney and I

Yay! We did it!

Santa racing Mr. Turkey on the rock wall.
Santa totally smoked Mr. Turkey

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Matthew's Physic's Boat Project

I found the video from Matthew's Cardboard Boat Project. I never got to build cannons or boats when I took Physics.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brittney's Physic's Project

For Brittney's Physic's class project they had to get in groups and build a cannon that shoots tennis balls. There are certain specifications you have to follow, too detailed to get into. All the groups have a competition shooting off their cannons. There are 2 targets, one at 8 meters and the other at 12 meters. At 8 meters there is a paper square with a trash can on it. If you hit the square you get 1 point and if it lands in the trash can you get 3 points. The 12 meter target is a table with a trash can on it. If you hit the table you get 1 point and in the trash can 3 points. You have 4 minutes to shoot the balls and there is also a trigger mechanism on it. You really need a good trigger to get a lot of shots off. Unfortunately Brittney's group didn't have the best trigger. They only ended up with 3 points. I know Brittney is glad this project is over. In the Spring they get to make cardboard boats and race them across the swimming pool. Brittney's group setting up the cannon and another group bribing them with cookies to vote their cannon the best looking
Brittney with her funky safety glasses

Adam hitting the trigger, you can see the tennis ball shooting out

Where's it going to go???
One last shot at it.
By the way they were going for the ugliest cannon award.

Makenzie's G-O-A-L

I captured Makenzie's goal with the sports setting on my camera. There were a lot more than I will post leading up to this goal. Makenzie kicked it into the open and went after it
(Notice the little bit of fall colors in the background)

Getting to the ball

Almost got it

She's there running in stride with the defender


It's on it's way

The keeper has come out

And in the goal it goes!
And no ponytail pulling incidents!!

School and Sports Pictures

Jacob's Football 2009 Season
Jacob's 6th Grade Picture

Makenzie's 8th Grade Picture

Makenzie's 2009 Volleyball Season

Brittney's Junior Picture
Matthew's blue mohawk for when ESPN Gameday came to BYU

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Texas High School Football...We Love It!

This past Saturday we had the "big rival" football game to determine the District Champions. Unfortunately our team fell short 20-21. One point! We had a chance for a field goal with 7 seconds on the clock and the kick was long enough just wide to the left. Despite the loss it was a great game. The game was sold out and the hill was were full of kids.The weather was a warm 84 degrees, and some humidity. In fact a lot of people got sunburned, but only on one side of their body. Everyone on our side of the field had burned left arms and the other side had burned right arms. A lot of excitement and school spirit and that's why we love Texas High School Football, but it was more fun when Matthew was playing!

Jacob and Brittney on the hill. Jacob came from his football game and Brittney came from her basketball games. Makenzie was in the stands. I didn't want to make her come through all the chaos just for a picture.

Jacob sitting with his friends. I was being a stalker mom :)

Cinco Ranch High School

Our Fans

The other side

And the flag waving to remind us of all the freedoms we enjoy which includes going to a football game and cheering for the team of your choice.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Basketball Season Has Begun

Brittney had her first basketball scrimmages yesterday. They played 2 different team with a 20 minute running clock. They only had one ref for most of it. I'm not even sure they were refs, maybe coaches with whistles. We were beginning to wonder if we were watching basketball or football. Some of these girls can be brutal! Her are a few pictures from the scrimmage.

Brittney warming up

Brittney on defense. That's really here specialty

Take that ball away!

Dribbling....not her specialty

What do you know, she's dribbling again

Going for the steal and the time ran out.