Saturday, August 31, 2013


I started Saturday off my mowing the yard, which had been neglected for a few weeks. Dale went to help clean the church, he just volunteered.  Dale was home before I finished the yard. He spent a lot of time working on his plane. The rest of us hung out in the house watching college football. We did take time and play with the dogs. Sammie will get on the steps on the pool, but not Charlie, but she loves the sprinkler!
I looked out the window Saturday morning and Charlie was just chilling on the lawn chair.
She is admiring all the holes she has dug! The yard looked nice at one time.
She almost looks like a cougar from the back.

She loves the sprinkler

Charlie cooling off and you can see one of the many holes she has dug.

Jacob and Sammie

Jacob and Charlie

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jacob's First Sophomore Game

Jacob had his first game as a sophomore. This year he is #18, that's Matthew's high school number, not only is he the same number, but he is wearing the jersey that Matthew wore his senior year. After his senior year the school got sponsored by Nike, so they got their uniforms and the old Varsity jerseys have been passed down. Jacob had a good game! He is playing corner this year. He had some good tackles and almost got an interception! He also fielded a punt and was back to field the ball on a kick off, but the ball didn't come to him. Once again it was hot!!! I was down on the field taking pictures and the heat radiating off of the turf was blistering. My feet were burning through my thin flip flops. It's a good thing those boys are young!

Warming up
Making a tackle

One of many water breaks

One of the things I get to see and hear while on the field are the coaches.
The caption for this picture is:
"What in the hell are you doing"
That comment was directed at Jacob. I laugh because this coach is Makenzie's shot and discus coach and I've never heard him raise his voice at her.

Jacob back for a kick off

He just looks hot and I'm not talking about his looks!

Running on the field  for punt return

Fielding the punt

There was a small airplane in the air and I knew Dale would be looking at it, so were a few other's.
Makenzie is laughing because she knows I'm taking a pic of Dale looking at the plane.

We won!!

After game speech

Add caption

And here is a picture of Matthew in that same jersey!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Varsity Game

Football has started. We went to the first Varsity game and man was it hot! We arrived at the stadium about 6:45 pm for a 7 pm start and it was still 100 degrees and we were facing the sun! I can't believe how warm it was just sitting there! Good thing we love high school football!

It's too hot!

I'll hold the baby with the fan! Someone has to do it!

Makenzie cooling down!

Finally, the sun went down and there was a breeze which cooled it down to the lower 90's

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


August has been busy!! Football has started, Dale and I had our 23rd Anniversary, Matthew and Brittney have gone back to BYU and Makenzie has started her Senior year and Jacob has started his Sophomore year and the month is not over yet.

After church on the 4th I realized that it won't be long before we aren't all here so our neighbor came over and took a few family pics.

Matthew and Brittney went to their friends Matt and Rachel"s wedding the next day. It was on a curise ship in Galveston and Matthew was one of the groomsmen.
Brittney and Matthew ready for the wedding

Brittney with the bride and groom

I stole this off the Facebook page of the grooms mom

I stole this on also
 A few days later Makenzie got to paint her senior parking spot. I still am having a hard time believing that she is already a senior!

Brittney went to help

Jacob had an inner squad football scrimmage

Jacob is in all maroon

Jacob going for the quarterback sack

The Sophomore and JV teams

Walking to the locker room
After Jacob's scrimmage was over Dale and I showered and headed to Rockport, Texas for a weekend Anniversary getaway.

Went for a walk when we arrived

The next morning was beautiful

We've got our chairs, umbrella and big drinks!

We brought our bikes

Me riding my bike

Dale cruising along

Here i come

Sunday we took a drive down to Port Aransas and got to go on a ferry ride in our car . We then drove by Corpus Christi and then headed back to Rockport 

This is Mustang Island Beach

Sun starting to set in Rockport

The moon 

A few days after we got back I headed off to Utah with Matthew and Brittney. We drove 11 hours to Dumas, Texas the first night and stayed in a hotel. The next day we drove to Denver and stayed with my nephew Nathan's family. The next morning we went to my parents house and my niece Kami came by and we all went to lunch.After lunch we headed out to Provo. It started off by running into an accident that shut all the lanes down but one getting out of Denver. We then ran into a bike race in Vail where they only had one lane open and we were pretty much at a stand still and I never saw a bike on the road, just on the other side of the highway. In Glenwood Springs we hit a big rain storm!It was crazy. Just when we thought we were finally going to start getting some where they shut the Interstate down in Parachute, in both directions due to flooding, mud and rocks on the road. At the time we thought it was an accident but later found out it was flooding. It was going to be hours before they opened up the highway. Luckily we were close enough to get off at the Parachute exit when they closed the road, so we got gas and decided to go back 11 miles and go through Eagle and get to Meeker Colorado and get to US 40 to get to Utah. It was a little out of the way, but when we saw that the traffic was already backed up 2 miles and who knew how much worse it was going to get, we were glad we took the other route. We made it into Provo around 12:30. we were hoping to get thereby 9 or 10. It would have been a lot later if we waited for them to reopen the road, since it never did that night, they just rerouted everyone on a single lane road. The kids got moved into their apartments and I stayed with Aunt Carolyn. We also saw Dale's parents and his sister Kae. Kae did a half  Ironman on Saturday and got 3rd in her age division. I would have been happy to be last knowing I completed one:)    I left Sunday morning and flew home, which was so much nicer than driving and we didn't even have any delays.
Matthew's truck is loaded

Brittney's car is loaded

Yummy stop in Amarillo for dinner

Texas is flat!

I was driving on a prayer between Amarillo and Dumas. 

There were so many sunflowers in New Mexico

Always think of my dad when I see a train

Almost to Colorado!

We were greeted by this cutie, Isaac

My nephew Nathan helping his daughter Avery with her homework

Rabbits have been eating Nathan and Nicole's yard.
Rabbits make good target practice

Matthew nailed one on his first shot.
Poor bunny

Nicole game home from the grocery store and found these.
These grapes really did taste like cotton candy, it was kind of weird!

Our sweet Avery Rose

Isaac and Avery sleeping.
I sleptin Isaac's bed

My niece Kami and her daughter Ellee

Swinging Elleee

With my parents after lunch

The traffic jam in Golden. We were all trying to get into the far left lane.

Getting a little extra altitude on Vail Pass

This is the stopped traffic before Parachute Colorado

The sunset as we were heading towards Rangely, Colorado 

I bought Brittney a compact vacuum for her apartment that she can share with Matthew

Leaving Utah

Arriving in Houston. This rainbow was so much cooler in person!

Headed home in the rain. Downtown looked really cool!

While I was in Utah Jacob had a football scrimmage against another school. Dale took my camera, but don't know what setting he had it on because the pictures were mostly white. I tried to fiddle with them and this is what they looked like. I don't know what they are of, but they kind of look like a painting.

Makenie was also involved in a Youth Football Opening Ceremony. She has been learning some Polynesian dances this summer to perform at the ceremony.
People who attended said she did a great job!
 The day after I got home school and Seminary started. I think my kids are so over me taking their pictures
 that I didn't even ask for a first day picture, but their Seminary teachers got one! Thank you Debbie and Jennifer for taking these!
The Senior Class

The Sophomore Class
And now I am somewhat caught up!