Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tired of white or just nesting... Maybe both.

For anyone that knows me, they know that I like light, neutral colors on my walls. I'm actually afraid of color. My poor house has had the original flat builder's paint on the walls for almost 8 years. I've always wanted to paint, but could never decide on colors and I really don't like to paint. Well, those almost white walls have finally got to me(or I'm nesting before Matthew gets home) and it has brought on a major painting job.we have only done a small mount so far, but with all the chair railing, trim and crown molding it has been a very slow process, not too mention the 20 foot entry way that we still haven't gone all the way to the top since we don't have a ladder tall enough to finish by the ceiling. Well, we put some color in our home. Here is what we have done so far.
Good excuse for Brittney to wear overalls

Dale, the happy painter

Yes, that is a shade of purple.
My LSU friend thinks it's in honor of them, but there is no yellow!!!

Part of the entry way 

The entry way, but it's no complete at the very top, need just a little bit longer ladder

The living room.
Haven't hung the curtain yet, I need to paint the rod.

Love the lights on my ficus tree. I guess I can take those off.
I'm going to order a picture that Matthew took in the Dominican Republic to hang on this wall.

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JeanneJ said...

Love, love, love it! I think we might have a ladder that will work. Just call if you want it.