Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good-Bye to Junior High

Jacob had his 8th grade Party/Dance on Saturday. This is a big deal as the kids say good-bye to Jr High. The kids dress up, almost like a mini prom, and some go out to dinner in groups or there is a dinner at the high school if they choose to attend. Jacob went with a group of 21 boys to dinner and unknown to a lot of us a group of girls showed up also. Please people, they are only in 8th grade!! After dinner they went to the school and they played games and danced. After the dance, the boys went to Thomas Bennett's house, Jacob's best friend, and swam, ate and played on a giant water slide the Bennett's rented. I stayed there after I dropped the boys off and took a bunch of them home afterwards. I was tired by the end of the day!
Jacob and some of his friends decided to wear bow ties.
Thank you YouTube for the tutorials on how to tie a bow tie.
 I got better as the night went on and I tied other boys ties

Looking handsome

A bunch of nice looking young men!

Here comes the girls

Jacob and his friend Thomas.
Jacob and Thomas have been friends since the first grade.
We are sad that Thomas is going to a Private High School next year, but we are also happy for him.

Jacob just won't let me take a picture of him 

The fun water slide they had

The front of the invitation

The inside of the invitation.
I helped assemble these.

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JeanneJ said...

You are such a good mom! You make every event so fun and memorable for your kids. Good photos and congratulations to both Jacob and Makenzie.