Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yaroa, is a Dominican dish that Makenzie made for her World History class. She was going to make Fried Plantains, but Matthew told her they spoiled really fast and she needed something she could make the night before. Yaroa contains plantains. I think the Dominicans use plantains like we would use potatoes. Makenzie boiled plantains and mashed them and added a meat mixture on top and them topped that off with Gouda cheese. Her teacher loved it and asked to keep the recipe. I wasn't too sure about the mashed plantains, but the meat mixture was yummy and smelled really good. We now have two things we can make for Matthew, Rice and Beans and Yaroa. We took pictures because Makenzie had to show that she actually made it.

This meat mixture has, hamburger, different bell peppers, onions, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper, tomato paste and cream cheese in it.

Boiling plantains. They would have been easy to mash if they had been a little riper

The final project ready to go to school 

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