Monday, May 21, 2012

Can I Have a MEOW?

Yesterday was Sunday. It started off like any normal Sunday, we got up, got dressed and went to church. We sat on the same pew in front of the same people that we have for almost the last 8 years. We sit in front of Sandra and Hugh Johnson. I have known them for 20 years. Sandra was the my Relief Society President before and after Brittney was born. I was Sandra's daughter's visiting teacher and helped with both of their wedding receptions. They are good friends. We found out that Hugh was talking and he was so excited, not! I told him he needed to say "meow" in his talk. He just laughed and asked why. I told him about one of my nephew's daring another nephew to say Meow while giving an opening prayer in their Sacrament Meeting. Anyways, church continued with 3 youth speakers and then there was a song that was sung by all of the Priesthood holders in the ward, except two young men, one being Jacob. Jacob volunteered to be one of the ushers for that Sunday just so he wouldn't have to sing. Dale sang, yes, Dale sang in a choir and here are the pictures to prove it. And yes, Brittney took some pictures on the iPad during church.
Dale is in the back center hiding behind the Hymnbook

Dale in the back middle singing.
   I don't know if you can tell, but the young man on the left side with the purple tie and khaki pants is our neighbor, Corbin Short, and he kept laughing. He would look at us and we would start laughing too. My stomach hurt from laughing with him. So far, we have taken pictures and laughed a bunch during Sacrament Meeting, not off to a good start. After that, Brother Hugh Johnson got up to speak. He gave an introduction and then started his talk and then he stopped and said, "Before I forget, this is for Sister Smith's benefit, MEOW."  He actually said it. I had tears rolling down my face, just to keep from laughing out loud. I finally got my composure and hear that I am getting a text on my phone, I forgot to turn my phone on vibrate. Luckily,I was the only one who heard my phone, but it was a text from my neighbors that said, MEOW. You got to love people with a good sense of humor. I sure hope Heavenly Father had one yesterday because I wasn't the most reverent person with taking pictures, laughing and then I was being a bit judgemental during Sunday School and Relief Society, let's just say it was one of those days when I wish I could throw a penalty flag at people for excessive and long commenting. I really need to work on being more understanding and compassionate.  After church we came home, ate and took Sunday naps. We were waiting for a show to come on TV when Brittney asked if we had missed the solar eclipse. I looked out the window and said it's just starting, but we needed to go some place where our view wasn't blocked by houses or trees. All the kids hopped in the car and we went to the Elementary school a half mile away that had an open view. We caught most of it. I had to move at one point to get away from the trees, but got a few good pictures for what we caught.

And the sun has set. 

  After the sun completely set we realized it was after 8pm which means half price shakes at Sonic. I figured what the heck, I've already taken pictures in church, laughed through half of Sacrament Meeting and was just not very understanding of others. Why not get a shakes so I could "Eat, Take pictures and be Merry" all in one day.


Erin Alldredge said...

If it makes you feel any better you weren't the only one who wasted church yesterday. The lady that was sitting in front of me had on way too much perfume. It reeked. I got up to "use the bathroom" after the first speaker and never came back. Seriously, that perfume really reeked. I didn't hear any of the high council man's talk. I got to my Sunday school class. I teach the 12 and 13 year old kids. I start pulling things out of my bag and realize I didn't bring my scriptures. I also realize I didn't have the blank paper I thought I had, which I need for an activity. I know who doesn't deserve an award for the worlds best teacher. (On a side note, we didn't realize that Timmy didn't have shoes until we got to church. A lot of things were forgotten yesterday.) I didn't get much out of RS either, but then again that happens when have to keep a toddler from knocking of the garbage and have to constantly untangle said toddler out of the curtains. Thank goodness he goes to nursery next week.

JeanneJ said...

Oh, gosh, I missed it all! I had to attend Bear Creek ward for my calling. I think I would've enjoyed our ward! As for judgmental, remind me to tell about my most recent bout with that myself. I actually had to firmly tell myself to "Stop It!". You are waaaayyy better than me!