Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Regional Track Meet

The Regional Track Meet is a big deal! The top 2 athletes in each event moves on to the State Meet. There are 4 Regions in Texas. We are in Region III. There are 8 districts in this Region and plus or minus 8 schools in each district, so there are roughly 64 high school in each Region.

Makenzie started off with Shot Put on April 27th. There were 24 girls there. She didn't have her best day at Shot, she placed 16th, that's what she was ranked going into the meet, but she didn't have her best throws, but she did her best and that's all we can ask. If she had thrown her best she would have been in 10th place.

She continued her meet on Saturday the 28th. She had to be at the school at 6am even though she didn't throw till 11:30. She did much better in discus. She placed 10th with a personal best throw of 102' 2". She was really happy. She was in the first flight of throwers and got 2nd in her flight. They take the top 8 from the 2 flights to throw again. We thought she would make it to the final throws, but that and flight had some beastly throwers.Again, she did her best and we are happy for her.

We joke that she made $23.00 from participating in the meet. You get money for food when you participate in any athletic event after districts. She got $8.00 for a meal the first day and $15.00 the second day since she was there for the whole day.

We are very proud of Makenzie. It wasn't easy coming into track late(because of basketball) and not having a coach(not the coaches fault, he was just put there and he is more of a cheer them on type of coach) that knows anything about her events. She worked hard and always gave it her all.

Day 1- April 27, 2012
Ready for the Shot Put

I made her put on a Birthday Girl sash, for a picture only.

Checking in. She is one of the shorter ones!

Sporting her Regional t-shirt

Makenzie with her fan club.
We would have taken Jacob out of school,
 but it was testing day and he had football games that night that we didn't know if we would be back in time for.  

Day 2- April 28,2012

The 3 girls from our district that threw the discus

Brittney working on her sunburn. Makenzie got fried also.
Dale covered up with that pillow and later on a blanket to keep his legs from getting fried.

The personal best throw. I added every other picture.

A very happy Makenzie after her personal best throw.

Congratulations on a track season well done!

If you google Makenzie Smith Cinco Ranch you come up with all of her track stuff. unfortunately her name is spelled wrong. There is no "C" in her name people!!!!!! Here are some things from the meet that are online.

The discus result

The shot put results

From the online newspaper

They got a picture of both of her events. 

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