Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I'm still up to....

I'm up a ladder still painting the house. I've now completed the family room and the computer room/loft and I have blisters on my hands to show it. Who knew you could get blisters from holding a paint roller. I may have to take a break this week, mostly so I can clean house and maybe make a few meals for my family.

This is what I look like after I've run 5 miles in the heat and humidity and have been painting for a few hours.
You can see why Dale married me, I'm just so attractive here. 

While painting we got a hail storm complete with a tornado warning.
It was a good afternoon to be inside painting.

The finished hallway upstairs

The family room. I haven't hung window treatments or pictures yet. Just enjoying freshly painted walls

A view of the family room from the loft

The computer room/loft.
You can see part of the entry way off to the right where we just can't quite reach the top.
May have to pay someone to come and do that or borrow a friends ladder.
While painting the trim in the computer room, the internet router fell and hit me in the head
and left a nice knot, but i was more concerned about the ding it made in the wall.

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