Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

 I had a very wonderful Mother's day. I received some flowers, a Hot Tamale dispenser, a bird house that Jacob made in Technology class(I have 3 bird houses now, but love them all), a recipe clip board Makenzie made in her Floral Design class, candy and I got to Skype with Matthew!  Before we skyped, we went to church. The Primary kids sang like they always do, but this year during their sweet singing, there was a 4 and 5 year old girl fighting for position up on the stand, they were actually on the steps so we had a clear view of the feud. One girl would not let the other girl get in front of her, she will make a great basketball post. Her dad finally came up and made her let the other girl get through and then she was sliding her foot over trying to step on the girls foot, a person seeing this went up and put and end to that. I've seen many kids wave and say hi and sing real load and make funny faces, but I've never seen little girls fight for position. I can laugh since they weren't my kids. We did get to skype with Matthew for a long time. We were getting hungry so Dale grilled our fajita meat and we skyped at the dinner table also, Matthew even said the blessing on our food in Spanish, it was pretty cool. It will be even cooler when we get to see him in 66 days. Jacob has already challenged him to a one-on-one basketball game. Matthew will be surprised how much Jacob has grown.

Our most current family picture

Matthew eating fried plantains or platanos fritos as they say in the Dominican Republic

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JeanneJ said...

Haha! I saw that feud too! I couldn't see my own daughter at all though :-(. I'm glad you got to Skype with Matt. I meant to tell you on Sunday that when I see Jacob, I always have to do a double-take look because he looks a lot like his brother!