Monday, May 7, 2012


Since Makenzie was busy with track the weekend of her 16th birthday she did not have a party, so Brittney and I decided to give her a surprise party. It was nice that Brittney could get on facebook and invite people on short notice. It was a busy weekend for a lot of people, but we had a decent turnout and her cousin, Erica just happened to be in town, so that was extra fun! We had Dale take Makenzie out to practice her parallel parking and then Dale said he wanted to drive the car around to check out how the alignment was. I then called Dale and asked him if he would pick up some pizza that I ordered because Brittney was having a bunch of friends over. Makenzie was wondering how many friends Brittney was having over by the amount of pizza there was. We all waited on the back patio or her to walk in. I think she was surprised, at least she said she was. We ate pizza, wings and cake and swam. I think they got more wet from the water bottles I had on ice in a wash tub. They were dumping the water on each other and chucking the ice at each other, luckily no one was hurt. Happy 16th again Makenzie!  


Erica, Brittney, Julie, Sophie, Makenzie and Taylor

Taylor Bachrach, Makenzie, Michael Bleazard, Matt Bleazard, Dale, Tanner Pope
Kassandra Short, Taylor Janis

Sophie Milich, Taylor Bachrach and Makenzie

Kassandra and Taylor

Dale funny face

Kassandra and Taylor trying to keep the candles from blowing out

Guess who won??

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