Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Makenzie is Sixteen

Makenzie has turned 16!!
Her birthday was April 27th.
It was a crazy weekend so we really haven't celebrated her 16th birthday properly, but we did do a few things. The night before her birthday we went to eat at Pappasito's where they sang to her and gave her a yummy dessert for all to share. The day of her birthday was spent at her track meet and then at Jacob's football games. We came home that night and had cake and ice cream. She hasn't gotten her license yet. We had to sign up for a time online and the soonest we could get an appointment was July 3rd. There is an office that is an hour away that you have to go into to make your appointment, so we are going to try that and see if they can't get us in any earlier.
Sunday, in Sacrament Meeting, they announced that she is "now of age" and would be advancing into Laurels. A women behind us asked Makenzie if she had a date yet. Makenzie said no and she said good, they are all still idiots. You got to love Sister Sue Brown, she says it like it is.

We are all digging into the dessert

Jacob did not want his picture taken

The creepy smile

The remnants of our dinner

Doing what I do best

Makenzie got her present a day early. Her Beats, nice headphones!
She could now use them at her track meet and on the long bus ride.

A lanyard to put her car key on

Cake with Blue Bell Ice Cream!!

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