Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What you doin' at the courthouse?

What you doin' at the courthouse is a radio segment in the morning where the DJ is at the Courthouse asking people what they are doing there. It's pretty funny, talk about stupid criminals!
I was at the courthouse yesterday, but it was only for Jury Duty.
Sat in there for 3 hours on some very hard benches!

I was there for 3 hours, but was not picked to be on a jury or even a potential juror. It was a long 3 hours though. We went into a room and they scanned our juror badge and we sat down. After sitting for sometime, a court Constable came in and talked to us and then an assistant county clerk spoke to us, basically telling us the same thing the Constable said. Then the Constable swore us in. A judge came in later and spoke to us and basically said the same thing the others had said, but he did it with a lot of humor. My favorite, is when he said if we were picked to serve we would hear dumb questions from the attorneys and dumb answers from people being questioned. He said it was ok to laugh until the judge tells you to stop. After he left, we watched a really lame video. I think it was suppose to get us excited to serve, but it was really boring. After that we sat for awhile. Then they finally told us we could take a 10minute break because they were waiting to hear how many people they were going to need for the two trials. After 10 minutes we came back in the room and sat for almost an hour. They finally came in and read 28 names to be potential jurors for one case. There were 130 people there so the odds were good. We waited longer and finally were told the other was settled out of court so no jury was needed, so we got to go home!! I really wouldn't have minded serving since they were just misdemeanor cases and would take only a day or two, but after sitting there doing nothing for 3 hours, I was glad i wasn't picked and I really wanted to get home at a decent time last night since Makenzie was having her track banquet and I didn't want to be late.
This is what I was doin' at the courthouse yesterday. I even got an excuse paper. They said to take one even if you weren't going back to work just so your husband/wife or kids were wondering where you were at all day.    

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