Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thoughtful Teacher

This is too sweet not to share.
Yesterday Jacob had his last Elementary School Party. It was bitter sweet. I'm just a bundle of emotions these days with my oldest graduating and my youngest leaving elementary school. Jacob and I walked home after the party and I took a picture of him in front of the school marque and was a little sad. When we got home we checked the mail and Jacob received this note and picture. It was from his 1st grade teacher. Talk about getting your heart strings tugged. Thank you Ms. Meyer for being a teacher and a thoughtful one at that, even though you made me cry. Jacob in 1st Grade
Thank you for the note and picture, Ms. Meyer!


Pope said...

That is sweet... I can't believe she did that. She must be a really great teacher. Did she do that for all of her students?

I hope you are holding up OK!!

Marti said...

I talked to Jacob's best friend who had her also and he also got a note, so she must have done it for all. What foresight to do that! I'm sort of holding up. I have up and down moments. I just need to stay busy do I don't think about it too much. Can't believe how much this is all getting to me.