Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Don't know Why I Am So Tired?

What a busy week we had last week! There was something going on every night. Last night there was a Ward picnic, but after a long week, working in the yard yesterday, and having a cold, Dale a I stayed home, but the kids went. I think they just wanted dinner instead of leftovers at our house. Here are the pictures from last weeks events.

Monday: Makenzie had her Theater Awards Ceremony. She was also inducted into the Junior Thespian Society, which is a theater club.
Makenzie getting her award
Tuesday: Brittney was awarded for her Outstanding Academic Achievement( all A's). Matthew's name was in the program for his prior recognition of making the State All Academic Team in Football.

Brittney receiving her award
The Award

Wednesday: Makenzie had her Soccer Party where they received their 1st place trophies

Makenzie getting her award, "Best goalie in the league" her coach said.

This was taken after their last game. Undefeated!!

Thursday: Jacob had his 5th Grade Party
"Sailing into Junior High"
I was there setting up before the party, chaperoned the party and helped clean up. I was tired!!
Welcome to the party

Food and Friends!!

Going down the baby slide

Jacob and his best friend Thomas

Friday: Makenzie was one of the MC's for the Spring Follies. This is basically a talent show put on by the Theater students. Makenzie was suppose to be going for a goth look. Kind of hard to do with platinum blond hair. The best part of the night was during the dancing acts, the little boy in front of us was dancing away. I got some video, will have to post that later.

Dale and Makenzie.
The End! I need a nap now!

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grandma/mom said...

I need a nap after reading the blog. May is a killer. Carolyn